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Thank you for wanting to get to know more about Little List and the two moms behind it!  Little List was born out of a need for a single destination for moms to learn about new products and services and also find their favorite high quality items at a good value.  Our mission is to save moms time and money without them having to sacrifice style or quality.

So you can get to know the moms and families behind Little List, here is a bit more about us Co-Founders:


We met over a decade ago during our first semester as freshmen at Villanova University outside of Philadelphia, PA. We had so much in common but bonded most over the fact that we loved the thrill of discovering new brands and also finding (and sharing) a great deal more than anyone else we knew. In the years since, we both got our MBAs and got married. Well, you know how the saying goes…first comes love, then comes marriage…


This past February we both had baby girls only two days apart (you’re probably thinking we totally coordinated it, but it was the best surprise ever!) With these two new babies, and college and weddings to pay for one day, we both found the need to become even savvier shoppers, and with all the practice we have had deal hunting, we want to share the wealth (literally) with other moms. That’s how we came to form Little List.

We look forward to sharing our saving secrets with you. We’ll sign off with our first “Little List”:

• We love being Moms and want to create the best lives for our families, always being in-the-know of the best brands out there and learning about the greatest in new products.
• We don’t believe in paying full price. It’s the thrill of the deal!  (And let’s face it, some products are awesome values already!)
• We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice being chic while being on a budget.

Lots of Love,



A special thanks to a few of our friends for making Little List way cooler than we could have alone:

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