It’s All About that Bass-inet

Before Alexa was born, we were given a very lightly used bassinet by a family friend.  Here’s the exact one at Pottery Barn Kids (it’s amazing!).  I thought to myself, “good thing, because I wouldn’t ever buy something that expensive that we will use for a few months.” (newsflash Liz: isn’t that the story of most baby items for the first year?) Well here I am with an 11.5 month old and we are STILL using the bassinet.  As it’s something most people are surprised to hear, I thought I’d share how I’ve been using the bassinet, and why I think it’s a totally worthy purchase. 2015-02-09 13-16-34First of all, I live in a house with two floors.  I spend most of my day on the first floor of my house… and I especially did when I was recovering from my labor & delivery and on maternity leave.  Based on some very strong recommendations from people I trust a lot, we decided to have Alexa sleep in a Co-Sleeper for the first 4 months (another best baby purchase!)  (Note: this is an additional furniture item that attaches to your bed… we never actually had her sleep in our bed.)  As I am legally blind

[without contact lenses], it was important to me to have something that was attached securely to our bed (not something I could walk into in the middle of the night… as besides having poor vision, I can also be quite clumsy!)

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So, during the night, Alexa would sleep in her Co-Sleeper, and during the day she would nap in her bassinet on the first floor (especially in those first couple months, when they sleep all the time).  Additionally, the bassinet served as a great place for diaper changes.  Before she was born, I bought and returned a few diaper changing stations, which were all very poorly constructed and of cheap materials (still costing $100).  I soon realized that the bassinet would be the perfect size, height, and area for diaper changes.  It came with a waterproof mattress/pad, and I purchased a bunch of these sheets (some for only $7, as I type this!) so I could keep the area clean and sanitary.  The bottom of the particular bassinet also was great for storage – diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, books, toys, etc…. and we all know how exciting extra storage is!

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Around month 3 and 4, we wanted to get Alexa used to her crib, as she would soon be spending her nights there (tear!), so we started moving some of her naps upstairs.  I was ready to store the bassinet in the attic, when I thought, why not keep it downstairs for diaper changes.  It has been incredibly helpful (and has saved me many trips up and downstairs), to the point that we are still using it.  Of course, when she started showing signs of turning over, we couldn’t leave her in there without a watchful eye.. and especially not now (she pretty much tries to stand up in the thing!)  But it’s a perfect spot (and still provides some great storage).  Additionally, it has served as a nap spot for the many baby friends (who are younger than Alexa) that come over to visit.  It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, so it doesn’t bother me having it in our slightly formal family room.

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If I had realized the amount of use that we would have gotten out of it, I would have invested in some beautiful linens (like this ruffle bedding, which I’m in love with, and is now on sale!)  Maybe for the next baby! So, if you are thinking that you might not want to invest in a bassinet to use for a couple weeks, you may want to reconsider!  What baby purchases have you used in creative ways to extend their use? 2015-02-09 13-17-42



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