Beautiful Holiday Cards with Money-Saving Tips

Sharing some of our favorite tips for creating beautiful cards while saving time & money!

I’ve always loved holiday cards – receiving them, creating them, and sending them.  Even before having kids, I used to spend [a little too much time] getting my dog to pose for pictures to include on our card.  There may have been a dog santa hat included.  Now that we have kids, there is even more excitement about creating our card… especially since it’s sent to family members across the country who don’t get to see our kids too often. is hands-down my very favorite place to order cards – holiday, party invitations, you name it.  They are absolutely gorgeous and the quality (in my opinion) is unbeatable.  By the time you are done paying for professional photos, ordering the card (and all the special touches), and paying for postage, you can easily be out over $500.  So, I’ve put together a post to share a few money & time saving tips that have helped us over the past few years.

As you can see from the above photo, it was a professional photo shoot.  What you can’t see is that I spent $20 on the session and digital files.  I found a great Groupon last year (that is still available) where you can get a great photo shoot at JC Penney.  The photographers range in skill level, but we got some fabulous shots… and for $20, you can’t beat it!!  Groupon also often has additional codes going on, so keep an eye out.

This year we opted for a more full service photo shoot (as we did ones with my whole family as a gift for my parents), so I was thrilled to have my pictures ready to go since September.  The sooner you can get the pictures, the better, as photographers book out months in advance and it can be very tricky to get on their schedule when you are also available.  I was excited to try the gold foil this year and took advantage of a great coupon code.  Right now, you can get 20% off with code BRIGHT17.  The cards shipped very quickly (and free) and I couldn’t have been more excited when I opened the above box.  The foil does add quite a bit of costs (in my opinion, worth the splurge some years!), but even without, the cards are beautifully done.

You can see a closer look at this year’s holiday card.  It was designed by an independent artist and really caught my eye as something unique.  I opted for something different than past years – including our whole family and didn’t use holiday colors per se.  I only wish I could have included our dog, but he wasn’t at the beach for our pictures!

One of my best time AND money saving tips (it saves SO much time) is to get the addresses printed for you. does it completely free and all you need to do is upload your addresses into their address assistant.  I actually use it as my address book year round (as a reference point and also for birthday invitations, etc.)

The address options (in terms of typography) are so beautiful and add such a nice touch.  It takes long enough to stuff envelopes and put stamps on them, so I am SO grateful for this option.  I often order about 10-15 additional cards – some in case I’ve forgotten someone, and some to save for memory boxes.  It costs a bit extra to have the return addresses added, but I think it’s worth the time saved.

It’s not too late to order your holiday cards.  There is a great deal going on right now (only was better on Black Friday by 5%), so a perfect time to buy.  Additionally, I always love a HAPPY NEW YEAR card for those who can’t get it in time for Hanukkah or Christmas.  We’d love to see your holiday cards.  Follow us on Instagram (@little_list) and tag us and @minted.

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