Decorist Bedroom Transformation: The Unbelievable Reveal

When I was planning this post, I figured we would call it “Decorist Bedroom Makeover: The After”… but this is a complete transformation.  I can’t even bring myself to post the “Before” pictures here on the same post (as the after are just too beautiful), but you really should check out the room before here to understand this transformation and also get the back-story.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the experience with Decorist – having access to quality and personal interior design with the ease of doing it all over the computer (I’m sure other moms can relate to the daunting task of having people come to your house to do work… especially with a toddler and hubs that travels a lot).  It was so easy and starts at just $299 for a design (with a lot of one-on-one updates with your designer to make it perfect).  Little Listers, score 20% with code LittleList20!!!

A little more about the design process (if you forget from my original post)… it was very positive and painless.  After filling out a questionnaire about my likes/dislikes/budget/favorite stores, etc., I received two design concepts.  I gave feedback for my final design board, complete with shopping list and floor plan.  I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be able to get this all done at night after putting the little one to sleep.

One of the stores I asked to be used was  I have been a long time fan of, but this redesign sealed the deal… unbelievable quality on brand-name items for jaw-dropping prices.  Not to mention free shipping on every order and the best customer service around.  I’ve refreshed our living room since (using Decorist’s Design Bar) finishing my bedroom and used for the majority of the updates… and it didn’t break the bank.

One of the most blaring changes might be the paint.  If you remember, we used Colorhouse paint – no VOCs and eco-friendly and some of the most stunning colors and finishes I’ve ever seen.  It also was a nice peace of mind using this paint, as our toddler daughter’s room is right next to ours (and she spends a lot of time in our room too!)

Now I’ll just let these gorgeous pictures speak for themselves (and scroll all the way through for a surprise twist at the end).

mirror 2

Headboard // Lamps // Art // Mirror (sold out, but similar here) // Throw pillows // Comforter // Hand-woven lilac blanket // Objets and frames from Homegoods stores


How gorgeous are these pillows?  I had the hardest time finding unique pillows I loved (that weren’t $200/each) until I came across MotifPillows.  So many gorgeous options at reasonable prices, and the owners worked with me to find the perfect picks for my room.


Chandelier // Coffee Table Ottoman // Rug // Curtains // Curtain Rod

When the Decorist team came to photograph my room, they came with a big surprise.  Not only were they going to take pictures of the room as I had it but ALSO totally revamped.  You can see an awesome post about redesigning your room on a budget here.  I was completely unsure what to think when they came in with blue.  I felt like my room was so centered around purple and thought it could clash.  To my surprise, it looked absolutely gorgeous and consistent… and had me thinking about another redesign in the future (just kidding, I love it too much as it is now) 😉  I couldn’t believe the transformation that could happen with just a new comforter, pillows, and a couple of modern bedroom furniture accessories.  Which look do you love better?  We’d love to hear in the comments!

mirror 1

Pillows (1,2,3) // Lamps // Quilt & shams




Some additional ‘quick’ tips for refreshing your room from Decorist include:

– Change your pillows and bedding to make a big impact.
– Lighting is key. A chandelier adds a glamorous touch to your space.
– Plants can add a vibrant element to your space. We selected a palms plant because it added some texture and very much popped against the rooms color palette.
– Consider adding a bench or chairs at the end of your bed. Extra seating space plus, you can display your favorite books.

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