Reesie found a new favorite store!

As you know we are always on the hunt for quality and stylish products for the girls.  Another moms friend introduced us to a relatively new online shop for kids called Babychelle and we are smitten.  Reese was sent a pair of these Angel brand t-strap shoes from the store to try out.  Before I even put them on, they were sitting on my stairs for a while.  My mom walked in, grabbed them and said to me, “Lia, these are the kinds of sturdy shoes I’ve been telling you you need to get for the baby!”  I think that’s enough said. Cute and sturdy for developing tootsies.  They have a great selection of other shoe brands and products too like these Pluie Pluie rain hats for $12 and these comfy foam fisherman sandals for $16 which we will definitely be picking up because what wouldn’t they go with this summer?  For the boys, these classic Oxfords I feel like are really hard to find!

Here are some pics of Reese rocking her t-straps with her Easter outfit (dress from Pippa and Julie).




I even love how they look with just a pair of socks!



Alexa was equally as excited to try out the shoes from Babychelle.  As we have a lot of events coming up that are both dressy and casual (and already have a few dressy pairs of shoes), we wanted to pick a pair that would polish off a more casual look, and be great for running around too.  Alexa started really walking right around her first birthday, and it’s been craziness ever since.  Coincidentally, I could not get a pair of shoes on her before she was one.  Literally a freak out.  However, now she loves them… especially when I can easily get them on her feet.  So, we went with the adorable L’Amour Girls Double Velcro Leather Sneaker, available in hot pink and white.


Alexa is loving running around in her new L’Amour shoes from Babychelle.  The black and blue mark is from running too fast this week before mama could catch her!


The shoes are super high quality and easy to get on with the shoe tongue coming all the way out. Once velcroed in, there’s no chance of these shoes falling off.


The shoes totally complete this Springtime look and she’s ready to run around! I think someone is ready for the Easter Egg Hunt!



Looking for the Easter Bunny!


Love these shoes and highly recommend this brand and style for a high-quality, durable shoe that looks stylish… and makes it easy for a baby on the move!

Bunny Shirt // GapKids pants aren’t currently available online, but like these jeans // Shoes

We’d love to hear about your kids’ Spring time and Easter looks and the shoes they’ll be wearing!  Follow us on Instagram and tag us and #littlelist.

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