Little List: 10 Must Haves for Mamas-to-Be

As second time mamas-to-be, our pregnancies are flying a bit faster than our first.  We’ve pulled together a collective list of some of our maternity favorites to keep things as enjoyable as possible!

  1. BeMaternity Tank: Basics are KEY, and this tank has been one of our absolute favorites.  It’s flattering (especially the black) and works perfectly alone or under a cardigan or shirt.  I like to stick to solids for the most part that can be dressed up or dressed down.  This is one of those staples for me!
  2. Smoothies: That looks pretty delish, huh?  I love smoothies when I’m pregnant (and when I’m not), and have found them to be a wonderful addition to our pregnancy diets (either as a breakfast, snack, or both).  I recently discovered Vega One to add to our shakes, which packs in the veggies (which is amazing, especially during the first trimester when I can’t stomach them too well), fruits, protein, and vitamins.  There are many great shakes on the market to research and ask your doctor about!
  3. Aden + Anais Pregnancy (+ Nursing) Pillow: Ahhh, this one is the BEST (and I’ve tried A LOT).  It’s the perfect size, super soft and cozy (with adorable muslin covers), and doubles as a nursing pillow once baby arrives.  I also got My Pillow as a Christmas gift and have been loving it in combination!  Sleep didn’t feel this good with the last pregnancy.
  4. Mama-to-be tea: I’ve continued to drink a cup of coffee a day throughout pregnancy, but sometimes you need a nice comforting beverage like a cup of tea.  I especially like Earth Mama’s selection, which offers organic tea for everything you could imagine (from morning sickness to stress to heartburn).  I was drinking up Raspberry Red Leaf tea at the end of our first pregnancy and have been drinking more tea throughout this one!  Make sure to consult your doctor before adding a new type of herbal tea to your diet.
  5. Probiotics: In my first pregnancy, I incorporated our pre-natal vitamin with a separate fish oil pill.  Since becoming pregnant a second time, I read a lot about the benefits of probiotics (from healthy gut function to immunity), and have added this pill to the mix.  It’s definitely been a help!  Please make sure to consult your doctor about your vitamin regimen and do not take this as medical advice.
  6. Bzees shoes: Comfortable shoes are a MUST!  I admittedly still wear heels, but try to slip into comfortable shoes (EMU slippers in the morning and Bzees shoes or sneaks throughout the day).  This brand has some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve tried (lightweight and breathable too)… which is so important to avoid foot and backaches!
  7. Glow Organics Peppermint Scrub: When you’re pregnant, you are most likely going to have scents you LOVE and absolutely can’t stand (I can’t even think of Mrs. Meyer’s lavender soap during this pregnancy).  My brother and his fiance got me Bump Boxes for Christmas (great gift!!), and it came with this peppermint scrub.  It’s amaaaaazing.  It smells so so good and is wonderful for a refreshed feeling in the shower.  I use it on my hands and feet, but also on my arms and legs.  I’m almost out!
  8. Trader Joe’s Lavender Scrub:  I don’t know what it is with pregnancies and scrubs, but this has been a favorite through both.  It’s so relaxing in the shower and I rub it on my baby bump.  I feel that the lavender keeps me (and baby) relaxed, and the oil left behind is good for hydrating skin that could be prone to stretch marks.  I get my favorite kind at TJs, but if you don’t have one locally, there are some great options on Amazon too.
  9. BellyBandit BDA Bra: This has been one of my very best finds for a bra that offers support and comfort.  It’s also a nursing bra (and can be used when you are not pregnant as well) – can’t beat the versatility!
  10. Leggings, leggings, leggings: We are loving newly found PreggoLeggings for comfort and style this pregnancy!  We cannot stress our need for comfy leggings that we can dress up or dress down throughout pregnancy.  We made the mistake of trying to squeeze into our pre-pregnancy leggings too far into our pregnancies, and were so uncomfortable.

What could you not do without for your pregnancy?  We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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