Little List: 10 New Baby Essentials for Baby #2


As I near the 5 week countdown for baby #2 (OMG, how did that happen!), I thought I’d share my wishlist of new baby items. Luckily, we had some great products for A (which we did buy in gender neutral shades) ready to be reused (you can read our popular ultimate registry guide here!) However, as it’s been three years since we’ve had a newborn, there are some fabulous new products on the market… add this to the fact that our situation will be different as we’ll have a toddler and newborn this time around, and we are certainly figuring out our new list of essentials!

It probably won’t come as a shock that we are big fans of anything that will help improve sleep for baby (and therefore us) and also any items that will help to create as much continuity as possible for our toddler and ourselves (not missing out on the fun we’ve been having!) Additionally, we are loving products that transition with the baby so that we can use them longer and not be constantly switching them out (space, time, and cost savings!) So, without further ado, here’s our list of 10 new baby essentials for baby #2. Mamas with more than one kid, we’d love to hear your suggestions as well!

  1. DockATot: This product is hot, hot, hot!  Most must-have baby products lists these days will contain it, as moms are swearing that it is helping their babies have better night sleep sooner.  This can be attested to the safe, snug and soothing environment it creates (similar to the womb) and can be used for lounging, play, or sleep (you can have it on its own or put it right on a bed or other safe place).  It’s also super easy to transport and can help in transitioning a baby to a bigger crib or bed.  We are so excited to try this one out!
  2. UppaBaby VISTA: When we realized this popular stroller converts to so many options for two (and three!) kids, we were kicking ourselves for not registering it for it the first time around.  Our friends that have the Uppa VISTA love it and we are finding that mamas of two love it even more (we can’t tell you how many mamas of two we see with this at the mall and they all have the same rave review).  We are big fans of the versatility and the non-bulkiness of it and can’t wait to take this one for a test ride (we will be reviewing it shortly, so stay tuned!)  We plan on starting with the bassinet and toddler seat, and graduating to the kickboard that easily hooks on the back.  The new colors are absolutely gorgeous too!
  3. SkipHop 3 Stage Activity Center: How many toys do you have that your kid was able to play with from ages 4 months to toddler?  We don’t have any that we can really think of off the top of our head… so we were really excited to see this new 3 Stage Activity Center by SkipHop.  There are tree stages of use: Sit, swivel, bounce & play; cruise & interact; and play table.  We are all about consolidating about three (very large) products to have this one easy option… and more bang for our buck!
  4. HALO Bassinet: This ‘co-sleeper’ bassinet came out shortly after we moved A to her crib.  We loved having her in our room for easy night feedings (and also a place to put her while I was showering, getting ready, etc. in those early days).  The HALO Bassinet immediately caught my attention because of its ability to do a 360 degree swivel (not to mention our total love for HALO sleep swaddles and sacks.)  We loved our previous co-sleeper, but it was very difficult at times to get in and out of bed in the first few weeks after delivery and recovery.  I can’t wait to try out this bassinet as we think it will prove to be an easier option that also is less of an eye-sore (and easier transportable between rooms).
  5. Nesting Days Baby Carrier: Our first was not a fan of the baby carrier, but we didn’t really push it.  This baby is going to need to like it (hehe)… as mama will now be chasing a toddler and will need both hands!  We can’t wait to try out a variety of highly recommended baby carriers (from the BabyBjorn Carrier One to the Solly Baby Wrap to the LILLEbaby) and see which work the best for us in different situations (we hear moms of multiples swear by several baby carriers!)  We were so excited to read about the Nesting Days Tank as an immediate (and easy baby carrier) for a newborn.  It’s a skin-to-skin, hands-free newborn carrier (as well as a postpartum body-shaper, bonus!) – you can also wear it on top of clothes as your baby gets older.  We plan on packing this one in our hospital bag!
  6. BOB Double Stroller: You are probably thinking… “really, another stroller?!”  If you’ve been following for a little while, you might realize I’m a bit stroller-obsessed.  I walk everywhere I can (it’s my exercise these days) and love taking long walks into our town and to the park or around new sights.  I can’t express my love enough for our BOB Single stroller (nothing we’ve tried beats its shock absorption or maneuverability), and plan on using the double stroller as our stroller we keep at home.  It’s not as wide or bulky as one might think and it has the flexibility of having an infant carseat facing you while a toddler can face out.
  7. BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss: This was one of those products that we didn’t register for our first, and wish we had in hindsight.  Besides not being an eye-sore, babies seem to really, really love it.  We know that we will need a few more seats around the house for easy sitting for baby (when big sister is playing around).  This one is lightweight, has breathable (and washable fabric) and a real baby pleaser.  We also plan on bringing it to our office on days where we need to get some work done.
  8. Medela FreeStyle: For our first, I got the Medela Advanced for free through our insurance.  It did the job but it was incredibly annoying to have to be near an outlet every time I pumped.  I plan on pumping even more (and earlier) with baby #2, as I’m going to need my husband to get more involved with putting baby to sleep (as we will have two littles now!)  I can’t imagine being hooked up to an outlet with a toddler who is constantly moving.  You can often pay a little extra to your insurance for an upgrade to the FreeStyle… which is something we plan on doing 100%!
  9. Lulujo blanket: These blankets are just too cute.  I hope to document (at least half) as much as we did with A, but realize that it is a bit tougher with your 2nd.  When looking back at month sticker pictures from 1-4 months, we realized A would be much more comfy laying on a muslin blanket.  We love that this set comes with an adorable blanket (that can be used for years to come) as well as the number cards.  This is such a cute baby gift as well!
  10. Covered goods nursing cover: I’m not going to be the stereotypical 2nd time mama that pulls out a boob without cover in the middle of a public place. (not that I’m judging those who do!!)  I’m a bit modest and totally swore by my nursing cover with A.  While a swaddle blanket or standard nursing cover did the job, we are loving the versatility of this multi-use cover.  Not only does it cover from every angle, it can also be used as a car seat or shopping cart cover (it can also be used as an infinity scarf for those who are into that!)  The prints are adorable and the fabrics are super soft.

So, there’s our top ten!  We’d love to hear some of your favorite baby products (as always), which can make life a bit easier (and sleep a bit better) for us mamas!

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