Little List: Top 11 Favorites for Baby #2

One of the most FAQs we’ve gotten continuously over the past 4 months, from both friends and Little Listers, has been “so what products did you get with baby #2 that you wish you had for baby #1?”  It’s a great question, and for sure a timely one, as we both welcomed babies this summer.  Some of these products have been ones that we knew about with our firsts but didn’t get, and some have been new since we had our first babes in 2014.  So, we are putting together a list of our favorite new baby products to make life a bit easier.

#1 BabyBjorn Bouncer: This is one of those products that I have used constantly since baby was born.  I seriously kick myself for not getting it for A.  It is the comfiest seat and N loves it.  It adjusts so he has been able to sit in it since he was a couple weeks old (and you can actually use it up til age 2!).  We bought the simple toy bar, which doesn’t look like much, but is worth every penny as he totally loves it.

#2 HALO Bassinest: Love, love, love this!  We did a co-sleeper for A, and it worked out fine, but the HALO bassinest is so much easier to use.  The swivel makes it easier for us to climb into bed, and the drop side of it allows for easy transition of baby in & out.  We used the newborn insert for the early days (highly recommend), which really kept him sleeping well.  We used it for 4.5 months (and he’s a big baby).  We still keep it in our room, as it’s a safe, easy place to lay him down (or do a quick diaper change).  Update:  HALO also introduced a portable stand for the HALO Bassinest so you can remove the top part and use it around the house. We have heard that babies often have their best sleep in the Bassinest, so this provides that familiar safe sleep environment in any room. It also extends the use of the product.  For those expecting twins: the HALO Bassinest twin sleeper will be available end of Jan/early Feb!

#3 HALO SleepSack Swaddle: It’s funny how kids can be so different.  Our daughter loved to be swaddled, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t this guy’s thing.  We started immediately with the SleepSack Swaddle (newborn size – arms can be in or out) and it kept him snuggly and sleeping well from the start.  We are a huge fan of HALO sleep products (our daughter was in a sleep sack past age 2!)

#4 4moms mamaRoo: This is another one of those products that we thought, “why didn’t we get this for our first?”  Besides being so much more compact (and attractive) than the swing we got the first time around, this truly is a fantastic soother.  The mamaRoo has been a godsend for those times when I need to tend to my daughter but need a safe and comforting place for the little guy.  Side story: We have since lent it to a friend who was rocking her son for HOURS in her arms with no luck.  It is the ONLY thing that has worked for her to keep her son calm (as it mimics the natural movements that us parents make)… AND it puts him to sleep!

#5 UppaBaby MESA Carseat: The easiest carseat we’ve installed!!  Besides being gorgeous, it’s super comfy, easy to use and naturally fire retardant.  Read our full review here.

#6 UppaBaby VISTA stroller:  This stroller is amazing for one, two, or three kids (!!) and we have been loving the ease and versatility of this all-in-one stroller (read more here).  We’ve used several configurations in the last few months and will continue to do so.  It’s definitely an investment we should have made for baby #1 in hindsight, but we are thrilled to have it now to move the kids around with ease.

#7 MAM pacifiers:  Our firsts rejected pacis like no other, but this little guy is simply loving the comfort of his MAM pacifier.  In combination with his DockATot (see next product), it’s been enough to put him to sleep on his own.  We also feel really good about this choice as they are scientifically proven to support oral development.

#8 DockATot: This is one of those products that EVERYONE was talking about after our girls were too big to try it… and we were just dying to try it with these guys!  The DockATot lives up to its rave reviews.  It’s been an amazing (and safe) place for our little man to rest, play, and sleep for his first few months of life.  His naps in it have been long and he seems to be comforted by the snuggle environment.

#9 NestingDays Newborn Carrier: There’s a 9 week old baby in there!  This carrier was a total godsend during the first couple months.  This carrier is SO easy to use (you put it on like a shirt – no wrapping skills required) and it kept our little guy SO comfy… and sleeping for HOURS.  It’s a safe place (from germs and strangers trying to touch your newborn) and gave me full use of two hands, which made the transition from 1 to 2 kids so much easier.

#10 BabyBjorn Air Carrier One:  I have been ISO a carrier that is easy to put on and adjust (as in I don’t have to buckle that annoying buckle between my shoulder blades with one hand) and also comfy for baby.  This one takes the cake!  I figured this carrier out in a few minutes and our little guy is loving it (so is his big sister as she enjoys when I have two hands available).  This carrier also converts to 3 other positions and can hold up to 33 pounds!!  It has an ergonomic design and offers the ‘back carry’ as well.  And how beautiful are the color options?!

#11 Covered Goods Nursing Cover:  Shamelessly using a stock photo here as we don’t have any pics of us nursing, but this cover has been beyond amazing.  I don’t know how we nursed in public the first time around!  This cover is SO comfy, easy to use, and offers complete coverage (admittedly I haven’t lost my modesty with baby #2 ;))  I use it at least 2 times a day as we are almost always out and about!  It also functions as a car seat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover.  This is a total must-have!!

What did we miss?  We’d love to hear some of your must-have baby products in the comments below.

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