Behind the Scenes with YouthfulNest + Nursery Redesign Sneak Peek

If you’ve been following along on our Instagram, you know that a MAJOR nursery redesign is underway!  We couldn’t be more excited to be working with YouthfulNest on this project and are here today to give you some ‘behind the scenes’ on the experience thus far (before the BIG reveal)… and of course some ‘before’ uglies!  I’m almost embarrassed to show the ‘befores’, but of course, you can’t have a full appreciation of the transformation without knowing the initial room situation.  So, let’s start with one of the pictures I sent YouthfulNest for inspiration on my Pinterest board (more about that later)

And now that you can see where my mind was going, I will reveal the embarrassing ‘befores’!

So, you can see that the room (above and below) is suffering from a MAJOR identity crisis.  Adorable pink stripes and a hand-painted cloud ceiling – perfect for a kid… but then a more adult bed and decor situation.  So what gives? We moved into our house about four years ago and the owners had two little girls.  Both rooms were beautifully painted (A’s room is similar in purple) and as we are growing our family, we had no idea what the gender of our kids would be.  So, we decided to keep the rooms as-is until we knew what we were working with (in the meantime, we used this room as a guest room / playroom)!  When we found out in January that our newest addition to arrive in June is a BOY, my hubs couldn’t wait to paint over the pink.  But where to start?

Enter YouthfulNest.  I have used virtual interior design with great success a few times, so I was very excited to learn about a service completely geared towards children’s rooms.  I was super impressed with the rooms and design boards on the website and eagerly signed up to collab with the YN team to transform this space.  The process started with an easy questionnaire, phone call with a lead designer, and a Pinterest board I created with things I liked.  I could hardly believe it when I received the below ‘design board’…. YouthfulNest completely nailed my taste.

I can wholeheartedly say that I have never had a design experience that has had this level of quality or expertise.  Of course I pushed back on some things (because that’s me), but ultimately put the trust in the design team (as I had seen their work) and have been blown away as items have started to arrive.  I think it was incredibly important to get pushed a bit out of my comfort zone or this nursery would be looking very cookie-cutter.  For example, Lisa (lead designer & CEO) thought a big piece of art (30×40) would be best over the crib.  I was nervous it was going to be TOO big… but as the room comes together, I am realizing it’s perfect.

In addition to the design board, I also received a shopping list of items.  Two favorites for amazing products at reasonable prices included buybuy BABY (some amazing quality options at reasonable prices… and can’t beat those 20% off coupons!) and Minted (I can’t get enough of their nursery art!!!)  Lisa worked with me to stay within my budget and also ‘shopped’ places (i.e. Pottery Barn Kids) which I had gift cards.  I loved that she gave me so many items to really fill the space (i.e. objets for the night stand and changing table) vs. leaving me to figure those out on my own.  I couldn’t believe that the curtains she recommended were $10 total from IKEA and even asked ‘are you sure?’ but I went with them, and they look amazing!!  Additionally, I welcomed some ‘splurge’ items that I know I will have for a long time (i.e a gorgeous pillow from LOOM Decor and an incredible rug from Kroma – pieces that really pulled the room together and gave it an extra ‘richness’). I was amazed (and thrilled) with the mix of high-low priced pieces and how well they look together.

The YouthfulNest team also prepared a Floor Plan for my space, which was focused around functionality of the room for an infant and child (based on how I shared I would use the nursery).  It’s made the vision much more of a reality as I start to set up the items in the places that the team suggested.  Additionally, I received a Room Installation Guide.  It’s a combo of the continuous designer notes I received via e-mail plus guidance on how and where to hang things like my curtains and nursery art… also the styling of small decor items throughout the room. It really gave me everything I needed to help you bring the room together myself (which is really the area I feel like I need the most help!!)

Additionally, the Color Consultation was a total lifesaver (as I was a bit lost with the pink walls and my off-white furniture).  The team went as far as to buy the paint color of the furniture and samples of Colorhouse paint before recommending a wall and trim color.  I am beyond obsessed with the paint we went with (Bisque .02) – so much so that I told my hubs that I want to paint our entire future new house’s interiors with it.  It’s so soft on the eyes and really pulls everything together.  It’s certainly money well spent!

You can see all of YouthfulNest’s services here and see what makes the most sense for your space.  The essential package starts at just $299 and you can add on additional services if you decide you need them.  We went with the premium package, which is $549 and it is certainly worth every penny (we have saved SO much time, money, and headache doing it ‘right’ from the start).

Feel free to leave any questions below on our experience, and follow along with us on Instagram before we publish the big reveal!!!

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