A More Efficient Beach Trip with Toddlers

A Pacific Breeze Sand & Surf Beach Shelter & Lounger Review

Last summer we did our first beach trip as a family.  It was a total blast – so much that we vowed to do it every year. What wasn’t as fun was: 1) figuring out what we needed to bring to the beach (in regards to sun shelter) for an extended visit and 2) lugging it all there a couple times a day.  We were the clueless family overpaying in beach town shops for crappy umbrellas that broke after a day.

I have been determined to figure out a simpler solution for this year’s trip (in August), especially in light of the fact that we will be having a baby join our crew this vacation.  Additionally, I was hoping to find some easy products that would allow us to take more frequent day trips to the shore without feeling like we were schlepping too much stuff.  So, I did my research and got several recommendations for the Pacific Breeze line of products.  The most important attributes were that they were compact, lightweight, easy to use, sturdy/safe, and of course, provided good sun protection.  The Pacific Breeze Sand & Surf Beach Shelter and Loungers seemed to fit the bill, so my excited three-year-old and I put them to the test!

You can see by the picture, that the very large beach shelter is quite compact (to be exact, its travel size is 39 L x 7 W x 7 H).  It also weighs only 9 pounds (but feels lighter).  My (strong) toddler could even pick it up!  Don’t worry, we won’t be putting her in charge of carrying it to the beach!

One of the obvious reasons I wanted to try it out before going to the beach is to see if it was as easy as it claims to set up.  I may be a semi-pro at installing car seats and putting strollers and baby products together, but this sort of thing is often out of my wheelhouse.  I have some funny memories of my husband and dad trying to get the cheaply made umbrella into the sand last summer, having it blow away 5 minutes later.  Well, the directions on the tag show three steps and that’s all I needed to get this up in the 30 seconds it promises (there are more specific directions inside the bag if needed).  It was seriously so easy and A was in awe of our fun tent for our “camping adventure” we had on our front lawn.

One opened, the tent is seriously huge.  The size is 94.5 L x 94.5 D x 59 H that comfortably fits 4 or more people with UPF 50+ sun protection and a large and airy feel with excellent ventilation.  The full tent is water resistant, and the bottom tarp is heavy duty

There is a sun shield you can move around, depending on the direction of the sun.  The open panel areas also allow for some great ventilation (and not feeling like you are in a camping tent all day).

One super cool aspect of this beach shelter is that it has a zip out floor that allows children to play in the sand while still having shade from the sun.  This is also perfect for adults (like me) who like to have their toes in the sand.  It allows for great versatility.

When we opened up the floor of the beach shelter, we immediately thought it was a great time to pull out the chairs.  I was very intrigued by their design when I saw them online.  When they arrived, I loved how lightweight they were (6 pounds), and their folding design allows them to pack down to 27.5 in tall and 21 in wide.  When you put it on your back, you can hardly feel that it’s there (especially if you are used to carrying a toddler around!)

The fully padded loungers have an adjustable back rest and also can adjust the footrest to be shorter or longer.

Two easily fit in the tent, with additional room to spare.  I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable and easy these loungers were.

The final test would be how easy everything was to put away.  The lounger chairs fold back together so easily and are ready to be worn as a backpack (or their slim design would also make them easy to put in a beach cart).

The beach shelter was just as easy to put away as it was to put up.  The directions that are sewn inside the storage bag make sure you are doing it right, but it’s seriously so easy.  I was easily able to put the folded up tent into the bag by myself.

I am so thrilled to find a system that I think will work great for us this summer.  I still will be in the market for a beach cart (for all the beach toys, floaties, wine ;), etc.) but knowing that we will be using this shelter and loungers takes a huge weight off my shoulders in advance of our big trip in August.  Stay tuned for some pictures then, but in the meantime, we certainly recommend you checking these products yourself!

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