Best Jewelry Cleaner Ever: $30!

$60.00 $30.00

So, this deal is a bit random… okay, totally random.  But after posting the John Hardy deal earlier, I started thinking about some of my nicer jewelry (which I haven’t worn in awhile!)  When I pulled it out, well, it looked like I hadn’t worn it in awhile.  Five minutes in this jewelry cleaner (stay tuned for a full tutorial soon), and my baubles were looking brand new.  It’s seriously amazing and has done my jewelry well for the last five years.  When I looked up this beloved jewelry cleaner, I found it for just $30!  If you have Amazon Prime, it’s free shipping.  If not, spend $5 more dollars and shipping is free.  Keep in mind that Amazon can raise its prices at any point, so if you want this price, act quickly!

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