Free Year of Parents Magazine with Zubels Purchase!

We’ve shared the adorable Zubels plush toys during our Easter Basket guide and today we have a fun deal to share.  Buy any Zubels toy, and get a free year of Parents Magazine (while we don’t have all the time in the world for mags anymore, this is one that we have enjoyed reading over the past year).  We are big fans of these high quality toys, and what we really love about them is the 100+ options you have.  Literally, if you want to get your kid a mermaid, a baseball player, a lobster, or a rockstar monkey, there are options.  So, if you are looking that special and unique toy, here’s your place.  We also love the prices, which start at $10.   Additionally, score 15% off your purchase with code RU15.  Shipping adds $5 flat.

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