Sleep Training Alarm Clock – Drops to $20 with code!

After getting a 4am wake up call from my 4 year old this morning, I realized how much I need this in my life.  The clock is perfect for children ages 2-7 years of age and can help them learn to stay in bed when the light is red and know that they can get out of bed when the light is green.  The 2 alarms allow for a weekday alarm time and a weekend alarm time.  The nap timer can be set from one minute to 12 hours.  The clock is powered by an AC adapter or 3 AA batteries.  Regularly $50, the clock drops to $25.  Little Listers get an exclusive 20% off with code YMI5UFSB that drops it to $20 through 6/30/18!  Shipping is free with Amazon Prime.  Consider gifting this adorable dog as a birthday or holiday gift.. as much a present for the parents as for the kid!

Make it mine!


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