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17 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts For Her

Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or married for 40 years, we rounded up some of the most thoughtful anniversary gifts for her.  Anniversary presents for women can be hard to purchase because you want them to be thoughtful and special.  The expectations are high!  Let us help you.  We polled many women and asked what kinds of gifts they would like to receive for their anniversary.  Our list was born below!  In case your wife is particular, we have other options for gifts for women as well that might be worth browsing.

Top Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry is almost always a crowd pleasing gift for an anniversary and is sure to make most women swoon.  We like jewelry as a gift because it’s almost always appropriate.  Even if you’ve been dating for a month and want to give a small inexpensive piece, it could win you some major points. Here are some more of our favorite pieces to really show your partner how much they mean to you.

  1. Engraved Bar Necklace

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Women

Sarah Chloe Engraved Bar Necklace –  These necklaces with a diamond are just a perfect anniversary gift for her.  Get thoughtful and add the coordinates of where you met, both of your initials together, her monogram or just simply her name.  The bracelet version from Tiffany is here which we love and for a less expensive alternative we found multiple listings here.

2) Gold engraved signet rings


Gold engraved signet rings These rings are sure to make a girls heart soar.  For the funker girl, this ring has a different look and is available in different metals.  Rings like this are something that can be passed down too.

3) Tiffany & Co. Keychain


Want to impress her with an anniversary gift with Tiffany & Co.s classic blue box?  This gift is impressive without completely making you broke.  At $230 with the ability to customize, a keychain from Tiffany gift ranks high for us.

4) Diamond Hoop Earrings

Anniversary-ideas-for-women-earringsThese earrings look great on almost anybody.  While we love these impressive Roberto Coin Diamond Earrings we also found some less expensive alternatives here.  Be sure to check your local jewelers as well. 

5) Cartier Love Collection bracelet


Cartier Love Collection bracelet – Of course the Cartier Love collection needs a mention.  This bracelet looks amazing with any watch, stacked with others, or just on its own.  We have had many friends receive this as a gift for their anniversary and they never take it off.  It’s very romantic.  If bracelets are what you’re after, the Tiffany little blue box will make hearts sing and they have some lower costs (still high quality) options.  Prices start a little over $100 and create an impactful classic gift.

6) Stacking Diamond Ring


This idea was given by one of our hubbies.  A simple diamond ring or starting a stack with something cool like this enamel and diamond ring, is such a classic idea.

7) His and her Rolex


His and her Rolex – A beautiful timepiece is just so special and something that you will have for generations.  While you’re at it, get a matching Men’s watch for yourself so you both can celebrate your time together.  The new watches retail for $8k, but if it’s not in your budget, Tourneau is an incredibly reputable company for pre-owned watches. Pre-owned watches are refurbished to look like they’re brand new, You. would. never. know. and you pay a fraction of the price.

8) His and her MVMT Watches

Anniversary Watch Ideas

His and her MVMT Watches – A much more affordable alternative to the Rolex but also sleek style are the MVMT Watches.  We love this pictured women watch here. The mens version is here.

A Thoughtful Piece of Anniversary Art

You can really get creative with thoughtful anniversary gifts for her when it comes to art.  We try to stay away from junkie gifts that could eventually end up in the trash (thanks for inspo, Marie Kondo!).  These are a few art ideas for your anniversary, but be sure to also keep your eye out for local artists or local shops while your on vacation to pick up something meaningful.

9) Enlarged and Framed Vows


Art can be something as simple as your vows blown up and framed.  I can just see her crying right now when she opens this anniversary gift… This makes an especially great first anniversary gift idea (which is “paper”).

10) Custom House Painting 


Custom Painting of the Home you made together – Houses have such a strong sentimental value to people.  Getting a water color print of a home that means a lot to your wife would be sure to bring on the waterworks as the perfect anniversary gift for her.

11) Funky art of a city of meaning


If you have a city that means a lot to you, feature it as an anniversary gift with some cool colors from this unique website.  Maybe you were married in a different city, met in a different city or got engaged in a different city? Think of places like that to feature in your home.

12) A Picture of the Night Sky


A Picture of the Night Sky – A picture of the night sky from the night of your wedding by Indigo Night. You give them a date and location and they will recreate the night sky from your magical night on a lovely print.  It is a local view of the true sky of that night for any date, at any location.  You can also customize the text.  If our husbands thought of this on their “own”, we’d be seriously impressed.

The Perfect Bag For A Thoughtful Anniversary Gift for Her

A great bag can be passed from generation to generation and also even be an investment piece.  Because of this we think a bag makes a great and useful anniversary gift for her. Below are some bags on our wish list that we think any woman would appreciate.

13) Monogrammed tote

This bag from Mark and Graham is a classic.  Any girlfriend or wife would appreciate this as a thoughtful anniversary gift.  It’s a great work bag as it nicely fits a laptop.  And who doesn’t need a fresh work bag?

14) YSL Statement BagAnniversary-gift-ideas-for-womenFeeling generous?  This YSL bag is so hot, so classic and can be worn day or night…just perfection!  This is some lucky wife or girlfriend who will be sure to receive a beautiful and thoughtful anniversary gift! Of course we wouldn’t return this Balenciaga either.

15) Custom Beach Tote


Maybe you’re headed to the beach for an anniversary getaway and you want to get your lady a little something, this site will customize a straw bag that’s just too cute for words!  You can buy a different beach accessories to surprise your lady about a trip (HELLO SUNGLASSES!)

Couples Activity

“Collect memories, not things” is certainly the perfect mantra for this section.  We love gifts that won’t create waste and clutter and this is the ultimate!  Spending time together (alone!) can be the best anniversary present a woman can receive and investment for your relationship.

16) Couples Activity Class – Sign up for a multi-week class together.  You local high school could have some great adult cooking classes. Or even go high end for a class at a culinary institute.

17) A trip away – Probably our favorite gift for our anniversary is packing up and getting away just the two of us.  I know traveling can be very expensive, and create logistical challenges if you have kids, but it’s always worth it in our minds.  For travel deals, Travel Pirates is one of the best, posting great deals all the time.  This family made some great Youtube videos on travel hacking as well.  Also, don’t discount getting a beautiful AirBnB property in a city or location that’s a close driving distance from home.

If you’re looking for something more glam, we’ve been dreaming about a very exclusive cruise.  Here are a few top luxury small cruises ideas.

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