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4moms High Chair Review

I can’t tell you how excited I have been to try out the 4moms High Chair ever since I saw its preview videos from Toy Expo.  The first thing that drew my attention was the magnetic tray (no trapped fingers!!) but we will get to that.  When I took it out of the box, it was practically assembled.  It only came in three pieces and was easy enough for me to assemble without the hubs’ help.

My next favorite feature is in the picture following.  Do you even notice it at first glance?  It totally blends in… which is a deep contrast from most of the items I have for A across our house.  This chair actually looks nice.  It is also very compact (although it provides the same amount of room as her previous high chair.  Also to note off the bat: SO easy to adjust to three different heights and can fit under most tables (to eat at the table OR as a space saver too) when the kiddos get a bit bigger.


Initial major pros in favor of this high chair:

  • It’s SO easy to clean – from the actual seat, to the tray (dishwasher safe), to the straps that are SO easily removed
  • The straps are also very easy to adjust (I always find myself having ‘strap issues’ with the carseat, stroller, you name it), so this was a big plus
  • The magnetic tray (I have had so many close calls with A’s fingers finding their way along the slide on grid from her previous chair) – it’s so easy to put on and off



This high chair is for babes ages 6 months+, but my 26 month old is very comfortable in it.  I plan on keeping her in a high chair (and a crib, but that’s for another post) as long as possible because it’s the only way I can keep her focused on eating.  She doesn’t really need the strap at this point (especially how the seat is shaped), but it’s a nice option.  It can be used as a 3 or 5 point harness based on your child’s age (3 point as they get older).


A was so excited for her new chair (she couldn’t wait to sit in it from the minute it came out of the box… after she was done playing with the MASSIVE box that it came in).  It definitely has a more mature feel to it and I think she feels pretty cool!


I love the option for a lower chair setting, but in this household, we need to have it higher because of our dog who high chair surfs on the regular.  It’s at a great height for preventing this at its highest setting?


I also love the bowl that came with it (has an unpictured lid, too) that is magnetic.  So you can literally hold it upside down and it won’t fall off.  See the full magnetic set to purchase here – such a smart idea.  This would have been an especially amazing feature about 8 months ago when A was going through a ‘pushing the bowl off the highchair phase.’

I think that 4moms knocked it out of the park with this one.  It’s an amazing chair at a reasonable price relative to similar chairs on the market.  It also comes in three colors.  My only small drawback was that I wish I could fit A in the high chair when the tray is already on, but it needs to be taken off first… but the tray is super easy and light that it’s not that much of a nuisance.

With love,


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