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Chicco NaturalFit System Review

Today we welcome our guest blogger, Jen, who is a mother of two beautiful babes.  Not only is Jen a great mama, but she is also someone we always go to for product advice!  She was excited to try out the Chicco NaturalFit system for her baby boy, who was born three months ago.  

As a first time pregnant girl, one of the major things you have to decide is whether you’ll bottle feed or breastfeed your baby.  We decided that bottle feeding would be the right move for us, so the very next decision to make was what bottle system we would use since we wanted to make sure it was ready to go for when we left for the hospital.  With baby #1, we decided on the Born Free system.  We liked it, but she spit up A LOT.  I’m not sure if it was related to the bottles or if it was just her body.  So for baby #2, we decided to try out the Chicco NaturalFit system and are loving it so far!


One of the main differences (and the best difference in my mind!) between the 2 is that the Chicco bottles only have 3 parts (bottle, nipple and ring that screws onto bottle).  The Born Free bottles have 4 parts (all the 3 mentioned above plus a filter piece).  While it’s only 1 more piece, that 1 piece makes a significant difference in the washing process given how many bottles you go through a day!  It’s also less pieces to keep track of for storage and organization purposes.IMG_6590

The Chicco bottles also claim to help with gas and spit up.  Baby #2 is currently 2.5 months and (knock on wood) has not had nearly the projectile vomiting issue that we saw with #1.  Don’t get me wrong – he spits up his fair share, but not at all like #1!  Again, I’m not sure if that’s just due to his body or if it has something to do with the mechanics of the Chicco bottles.  Either way, it amounts to a lot less laundry 🙂

The only note of consideration that I’ll add here regarding the Chicco bottles is that even the smallest bottles were still too large for baby #2 during the first 3-4 days of life.  (To clarify, I don’t mean the size of the bottle in ounces was too large.  I’m referencing the size of the nipple and the bulb portion of the nipple.)   Therefore, we wound up using the pre-made formula bottles that are super tiny for those first few days.  However, once he hit that 5th day of life, he was able to adjust to the Chicco bottle size and we haven’t looked back since!

In addition to the bottles, I am also using the Chicco steamer, drying rack and bottle brush.  The steamer is very easy to assemble and use, and I can easily fit 4 full bottles (including all the components) in 1 cycle! 


The drying rack is great, too.  It’s a real space saver too because there is a portion that can push in or pull out depending on how much you need to dry or how small you need the rack to be.  I love that feature!

The bottle brush is also great for easily cleaning out the bottles.  However, the only downside to it is that it doesn’t have the suction bulb on the bottom of the brush that allows you to stand it up straight on the counter or at the base of your sink.  Therefore, I have to lay the bottle brush flat on the counter or the window sill above the sink when I’m not using it.  It’s not ideal, but it’s not a big issue!

Overall, we are loving the Chicco Natural Fit system and look forward to graduating to some of the faster flow nipples and the largest bottle size in the next few months! 



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