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We are so excited to unveil our Ultimate Registry Guide!  It is our most requested post since we started Little List, and it has taken a bit of time to launch, as we’ve had the chance to test out a ton of products for the little ones.  We picked products that we think are the highest quality and value and will continue to update the list as needed.  Please don’t feel overwhelmed that you need to have all of this now – you can easily order anything as you need it on Amazon (Amazon Prime will become your best friend!)  Also, hand-me-downs are amazing and always worth a look on local Facebook garage sale groups for some of the expensive items you think you might only use for a couple months!  If you think we’ve missed a ‘must-have’ please message us.  It takes a village, right? 🙂


We both registered at BuyBuyBaby (for all the staples and toys) and Pottery Barn Kids (for bedding, decor, keepsakes, and some toys).  Some examples include our favorite plush rocker ever.  Here’s a tip: you can register for your crib, glider, etc. and get the registry discount.  We had great experiences with both.  In hindsight, we may have preferred Amazon over BuyBuyBaby, because you can’t beat Amazon’s guarantees on products (although BBB is excellent with returns), ease of shipping, and product availability.  However, as first-time moms it was really helpful to walk around the physical store and have a BuyBuyBaby associate helping us!


STROLLER: Our favorite all-purpose stroller is the BOB Revolution SE, and our favorite light-weight is the Bugaboo Bee3 (can also be used as a primary stroller).

  • Jogging / All-purpose – we don’t think there are many strollers that can top the BOB Revolution.  It makes walking on any terrain super easy and it’s a sturdy, quality stroller.  If you take long walks especially, this is a must.  We also used this as our travel system, with this adapter for the newborn and infant months.
  • Umbrella / On-the-go – we are pretty obsessed with the Bugaboo Bee.  It has the quality and durability you would expect from a luxury stroller, but is also surprisingly light and easy to transport.  A close second is the Nuna Pepp – a bit more cost effective and is super light and easy to use and transport.
  • Accessories: We love this Britax organizer (and we’ve tried a bunch) and this hook for shopping (carrying bags).  This Brica phone holder is great as well.  For when the little one is a bit older, this snack tray for the BOB is also fabulous.
  • Winter Accessories: If you take walks in the winter, your hands will thank you for the 7AM Enfant WarmMuffs.  We also were big fans of the 7AM Enfant Nido (think snuggle bug) to keep the little ones warm during walks on colder days.

INFANT CAR SEAT: The Britax B-Safe was our infant car seat and we couldn’t have been happier with it.

  • Accessories: No need to get more than one infant car seat!  We had our B-Safe and got two extra bases (one for my husband’s car and one for my mom’s) – the car seat comes with one base already.  It’s easy to move the car seat between cars clicking it in and out of the bases.
  • Make sure to get a car seat adapter to turn your stroller into an ‘infant stroller’ if you don’t buy as a single travel system.  So, for the BOB stroller and B-Safe infant car seat, we used this car seat adapter.  You could also buy a single travel system, like this Britax one, which we have & love… then you won’t need the car seat adapter, as it’s built in.
  • We also got a baby mirror, as we kept the girls rear-facing until they were two!

TODDLER CAR SEAT: It’s a tie!  We are big fans of Chicco NextFit (which you can use as an infant car seat too, although we hadn’t) and Britax Marathon.  Both are super comfortable, safe, and easy to install (the NextFit is slightly easier and cozier).  Toddler car seats are heavy, so we recommend you purchasing one for each car that you are using consistently (we had to get three!)

  • Accessories: Definitely recommend a car seat saver – we got this one – to save your car’s seats.

DIAPER BAG: We are big fans of the backpack style (free hands!) – our favorites are SkipHop and Newlie.  They are both cost-effective (less than $100) options and have lots of space for organized storage.  Check out our top picks of diaper bags under $200 in this post.

BABY CARRIER: Admittedly, either of us were big baby wearers for our first babies – we assume that will change for babies #2 and look forward to trying out more when the time comes.  We were very happy with our BabyBjorn carrier, as it was sturdy and easy to put on.  Top of our wish-list for future babies is the highly-rated LILLEbaby COMPLETE carrier – we love that it offers six easy positions and carries little ones from birth up to 45 pounds (the most positions and best weight range we’ve seen)!

TRAVEL CRIB: Hands down, BabyBjorn travel crib!  So easy to use, compact, and light.  We highly recommend this travel crib if you will be staying the night anywhere with your little one.  It’s also a makeshift play yard for an infant.  We are still using it with our 2 1/2 year old toddlers for overnight travel.  Totally worth the investment – see our full review here!


  • Plane travel: Check out this post (Our top ten tips for traveling with a baby) for a full rundown on our recommendations for plane travel, complete with our top product picks!



We nursed and pumped, so here our top picks based on personal experiences.

  • Pillow: We didn’t use a nursing pillow our entire time of nursing, but it was great to get the hang of things in the beginning (and also feel like there was a soft place for a newborn to lay).  Not necessarily a need-to-have, but we love the aden + anais nursing pillow (which doubles as a pregnancy pillow) and is super soft with the same beautiful muslin designs you would expect from a+a.
  • Shield/Cover: A cover makes such a difference – especially for first time nursing mamas.  We love Covered Goods cover as it’s multi-use and covers you from the front and back.  We also ordered a “free” Udders Cover (if you get any pregnancy mag, you will know what we are talking about here) – definitely not top quality, but it does the job and was great as a back up to have in our diaper bag.
  • Pump: We both opted for Medela, and believe the Freestyle is the way to go since you don’t need to stay plugged into it while pumping (make sure to call your insurance company to see if they will cover the pump – most do!  You can often pay a premium to upgrade to the Freestyle too.)  For easy storage, we used the Medela and Lansinoh bags, which both worked great (although probably favor the Lansinoh because of price and ease of use)


  • Whether you are going the pumping or formula route, we were big fans of  Doctor Brown bottle warmer.  We used the Medela bottles that came with the pump, which worked fine for us.  We also think Avent and Chicco have great bottles… but often it’s trial and error on this one, as it seems to differ with each kid!

BABY BIBS: We love this Burpy Bib by Aden + Anais for having on your shoulder (or on hand) for spit up or other accidents. Cloth diapers are great (and cheap & easy to wash) to use for spit up accidents and to have on hand for inevitable spills.  These A+A bibs are great if you have a baby that has a lot of spit up/drool.

TEETHERS: Our favorite is the Comotomo teether and the beloved Sophie Giraffe!  This banana teether/training toothbrush is also a fave and was a good transition to a regular toothbrush once the little ones started getting teeth.

PACIFIERS: Our little ones weren’t into pacifiers, and it seems to vary from child to child, but based on our collective observations, MAM pacifiers are a total crowd pleaser.  And definitely register for a WubbaNub too!  We recommend not going crazy over registering for pacifiers, as a lot of people will give them to you as gifts anyways, and your kid might not even like them (lesson learned)!

HIGH CHAIR: We have a tie – we love our Graco 4-in-1 Blossom as it’s very comfortable, easy to use, and the wheels are a big help in moving it around.  It also grows with your child, although we’ve kept our 2 1/2 year old in the traditional high chair (as it keeps her put).  A fan favorite is Stokke’s Tripp Trapp – it’s super sharp (doesn’t look like a high chair), grows with your kid until they are ready to fully sit at the table, and has stellar reviews.

BOOSTER SEAT: A booster seat like this one from Fisher-Price, was so amazing for keeping our little one entertained during meals (before she was able to fit/be secure in a high chair).  We think this had made all the difference in getting our little one to enjoy dining out with us (and keeping them put!).  While not a booster, we did need a seat that could clip to the table, we LOVED Phil&Teds Lobster High Chair.

DRINKING ESSENTIALS: We registered for some sippy and straw cups, and were glad we had them when the girls were suddenly ready to try something other than a bottle.  We really like Silikids cups as they are super easy to clean and use (no place for mold to hide).  Another favorite for sippy cups is Munchkin – so many inexpensive and great options on Amazon.


  • FOOD MAKER: We got Beaba’s food maker and it was great, but will probably use our Vitamix/blender or food processor for future babes, as it’s bigger and easier.  Not sure this is really worth the investment.
  • BIBS: Silikids and OXO for sure!  We also recommend registering for a cheap pack of bibs (i.e. these) as they get stained, lost, etc.
  • UTENSILS: For first time eaters, we recommend this set from Munchkin or Gerber.  For toddlers, OXO is our top pick here – top notch quality!
  • PLATES/BOWLS: We love this JJ Rabbit plate for anything that needs dips (think waffles, pancakes, french fries). Munchkin has a great set as well (and you can’t beat the price). You can’t get any cuter than SkipHop’s plates and bowls.
  • PLACEMATS: For a reusable one, we love Silikid’s map placemat.  We highly recommend these table toppers for eating out and on the go – they are a must in your diaper bag!!


PLAY YARD: Our Joovy Room2 is one of our favorite baby purchases ever (we opted for this instead of a Pack & Play and did not register for one)… it was so amazing for keeping our little ones safe and sound, with plenty of room for toys.  It’s high quality and super easy to transport and set up/put away.  Joovy also has a new version here, which has some new features, like a bassinet.

BOUNCY SEAT: We love the Fisher Price monkey seat (since discontinued) and the Fisher Price Snugapuppy.  Bouncy seats were a total godsend when we needed to take a shower or keep our babes occupied for a minute.  While we haven’t tried it personally yet, we hear SO many rave reviews for the BabyBjorn bouncer.  Can’t wait to try this one.

EXERSAUCER: You can totally skip an exersaucer (or choose either an exersaucer or the jumper) if you are lacking space.  However, our little ones got so much joy out of this Little Einstein exersaucer, and it was great when they were wanting to be more erect in a seat.  This is a great item to look for on local garage sale groups, as they really only play with it for a couple months (we found one practically brand new).  We are loving the idea of this 3-in-1 SkipHop Activity Center that is a saucer, bouncer, and table in one.

SWING: We definitely think you can skip out on a full size swing – our little ones weren’t big fans (although some of our friends’ kids love them).  Our top pick here is 4mom’s mamaRoo, but you can also check out the highly rated rockaRoo (as a less expensive option).

JUMPER: Our girls LOVED jumping around in this Fisher Price Jungle Jumperoo, and we think it was fabulous in their development.  If you have the space, go for it.  Also a good ‘hand-me-down’ if you can grab one.

PLAY GYM: So many cute options, and we don’t really think you can go wrong on this one!  Our pick is SkipHop’s play gym – super adorable, easy to clean, and easy to set up!


CO-SLEEPER: We used Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper for the first 4 months and it was amazing.  It was so easy to use with nursing, and also a safe place for a nap or for playing while showering.  You’ll probably want to get an extra sheet (or two) for inevitable accidents!  If your bed is high, you will want to register for the leg extenders.  We are also fans of the Halo Bassinet as another option.

DOCKATOT: We learned about this a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock after we had our first, and are quickly realizing it will be a must-have for babies #2.  Moms are swearing that this dock has been a godsend for ensuring long naps and night sleeps, as well as a safe place to have your newborn during the day.

ROCK N PLAY (Fisher Price): For colicky babies, this is a Godsend.  Do you need it?  Maybe, maybe not.  One of us registered for it, and returned it before using (as we didn’t see a need for it).  The other loved it (read: needed it) for keeping the little one asleep during those early days.

CRIB: Of course, this is a personal preference.  One of us went with Dolce Babi and the other went with Jenny Lind.  We highly recommend checking out IKEA, as well as Walmart, for some ridiculous deals on cribs that also are highly rated.  We don’t think the convertible crib is a must, as you might be ready to move right from a crib to a ‘big kid bed.’  We love this recently launched crib by Micuna with interchangeable spindles.  So beautiful!

MATTRESS: Considering we both have had long periods of sleepless nights, maybe we aren’t the best to ask for mattress advice.  Just kidding…we think 🙂  We are happy with the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer, as it’s non-toxic and has two sides of firmness (one for infant and one for toddler).  We keep a waterproof crib pad on the mattress at all times for any accidents.

BEDDING: Aden + Anais is our top pick for linens.  We also think Pottery Barn Kids has great patterns that will often match a nursery theme you have going!  We registered at PBK and were able to get everything to match.  We also loved this crib bumper for when little arms and legs start finding their way out.

SWADDLES: Doesn’t get any sweeter than Aden + Anais!  Not only do we love the prints of these blankets, but they are super soft and easy to swaddle with.  You can also use them for just about anything – from a makeshift nursing cover, to a spit up towel, to a car seat cover or blanket.  JustBorn also has some great printed sets.

WEARABLE BLANKET: Two products that have really helped us with sleep – Merlin’s Magic Suit for infants and HALO’s entire line of sleep sacks for babies and toddlers.  HALO’s SleepSack’s also prevent little tots from jumping out of the crib sometimes (in our case at least!)

MONITOR:  We have gone through a lot of these and have plenty that we would not recommend (rhymes with totopola).  Right now, our top picks are the Samsung and Angelcare, but we plan on reporting back shortly with some more reviews!  Best advice is to buy through Amazon, as they are fab in backing up products that mysteriously stop working.

HUMIDIFIER: A total must when the air is dry or if you are fighting off a cold.  This Pure humidifier is our top pick.

SOUND MACHINE: This marpac Dohm is a game changer.  It stays on and is a great, soothing sound – still using it with our 2.5 year old.  We love it so much we almost got one for ourselves too.  The Sleep Sheep is a staple and can be great for naptime or bedtime – some babies abolutely love it, some hate it.

SOOTHER: This was a totally random item we registered for, but were so happy we did.  Our little ones LOVED this Baby Einstein Sweet Dreams Soother from only a few weeks old and it became even more interesting as they got older.  We kept it attached to their crib and it was a fabulous soothing tool.  One of our favorite registry picks that we recommend to all our pregnant friends and relatives!

BASSINET: We LOVED having a bassinet on our first floor (for naps, laying down, and changing).  Read our review of PBK’s bassinet here. Totally not a need-to-have, but made things so convenient (plus, it was a hand-me-down).  For future babes, we have our eyes on this easy-to-transport bassinet by Babyhome.  The more places to put down your baby safely (especially with pets), the better!

ART: Our top pick for beautiful, unique and affordable nursery art is Minted.  You can also find wonderful things on Etsy!  We also love the special keepsakes that Pearhead has for nursery art.


BABY BATH: Simple is key and we loved Fisher Price’s Whale of a Tub.  In the initial weeks, we used a bath sponge to keep baby secure and this bath lasted until the little ones were secure in a full tub.  If you want a tub that has even more staying power and fits a larger kiddo, we highly recommend 4moms Baby Bath.  For moms with little space, this Puj tub unfolds flat (and you can hang on your door for easy storage).

TOWELS: So many great options here!  We love Pottery Barn Kids towels the best of those we’ve tried so far – super soft, adorable, and wash well.

TOILETRIES: Beautycounter make a great shampoo and baby wash.  We find ourselves constantly switching it up – Burt’s Bees and Earth Mama Angel Baby are certainly on our rotation!  We love this Babyganics set as a starter – so many great and eco-friendly products!  Babo Botanicals has also become a recent fave.

BATH TOYS: So many favorites –Munchkin is one of our go-tos for bath toys!  We love foam letters and squirty toys (but be careful of mold, yuckkkk!) – really, you can’t go wrong here.  It seems like all kids love bath toys.  You will definitely want a rinse cup (this SkipHop one is adorable) and likely a spout cover.  We don’t think you really need a thermometer, as you should never have the water too hot, but go for it if you’re not sure.  Register for or buy a bag like this Toyganizer one to keep them all in (and dry too).

DIAPER CAN: Hands down we love our Ubbi pail (and if you’ve been following us, you know it!)  It’s certainly worth the investment in our opinion – the steel design locks odors in and you can use regular kitchen trash bags (vs. having to buy special bags for it)

DIAPERS & WIPES: Don’t be shy to register for some diapers – they get expensive (we’d recommend holding back on newborn size until you know how big your baby is!)  We are big fans of Pampers Sensitive and Bambo Nature.  We hear great things about The Honest Company diapers.  Our favorite wipes are definitely Costco brand.

CHANGING PAD: You’ll want to register for one of these, but you can’t really go wrong (don’t overthink this pick).  We recommend one with the contour and one that will strap on to your changing table, like this one from Summer Infant.  Definitely grab a pack of Munchkin liners (or similar) that you can use for easy and clean changes (and less changing of the changing pad cover, which can be annoying to take on and off)  We also threw some liners in our diaper bag for easy changes on-the-go.

POTTY: Read our full potty training essentials list here (or bookmark it for the fun ahead!)  Our top pick for a potty to register for would be the Ubbi 3-in-1 potty, as it really grows with your kid and doesn’t take up too much space.


People will totally bring you toys (either at your baby shower or once your little one is born), so don’t get too overwhelmed over registering for toys.  However, it’s a good “wish list” and people might reference it once your baby is born.  Additionally, if you get a registry completion discount, you may want to register for all you think you might want.

  • Fisher Price Kick N Play Piano Gym: If we had to recommend one toy to register for, this one would be it.  It grows with your kid and our little ones loved it for their first year (and all their friends that came over to visit did too).  It’s a total blast.
  • Melissa and Doug Stacking Blocks: M&D is one of our very favorite toy brands.  Such creative and fun toys at very reasonable prices.  Our little ones loved these blocks for the longest time and still will pull them out once in awhile.
  • Lamaze Freddy the Firefly: Lamaze also makes some great baby toys, and Freddy was one of the mutual favorites.  Their toys are brightly colored and have lots of different textures and sounds.  The girls loved playing with Freddy (and others) in their stroller or in the car seat.
  • Pottery Barn Animal Stacker: This is one of those toys we think we will have forever.  Adorable and brought so many smiles.
  • Fisher-Price Learning Table: A great ‘grow with your kid’ toy that is so wonderful to encourage kids to stand, surf, and eventually walk.
  • Step2 Sports-tastic Activity Center: We loved this center for our little ones – so much fun and a great price.  If you have the room, something like this is a great gift to register for… or to buy yourself (just $40!)
  • Sassy toys: we love this line of toys – there are so many great picks and at really inexpensive prices (we are talking from $2).  Definitely a good add to the registry!


We created a whole post around what we think you need to register for in regards to clothing for your newborn/baby.  You can read it all here.


  • Nosefrida: Looks so gross (especially for first time moms), but so needed as a nasal aspirator and we promise that it’s sanitary.  Really helps get little noses cleared up!
  • Thermometer:  Our favorite is the forehead thermometer, as it’s accurate and easy to get a reading.
  • The First Years First Aid Kit: This one is awesome to have on hand, and we’ve ended up needing many of the items in a bind!
  • Comb & Brush set: always good to have one of these on hand, and you might need it right away, depending on how much hair your little one is born with!
  • Aquaphor: such a cure-all!  We ended up using it exclusively for diaper rash and for a myriad of other reasons (does wonders with scratch marks and random boo-boos)… also good for mama’s hands after too many diaper changes.

What did we miss?  We’d love to hear your favorite baby and toddler products in the comments below to consider for future guides (or to add to this one!)

With love,

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