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Beach + Pool Favorites with Baby

It’s JUNE, which means the start to beach and pool season!  We literally can’t wait to have some fun in the sun with our little ones this year.  We had fun with them last summer, but they were only about 4-6 months, so this year is bound to have a lot more action.  We rounded up a little list of our beach and pool favorites (getting some advice from some experienced mamas) to share with you… ones we also feel are a great value.  To the pool we go!

Beach + Pool Favorites (1)

Summer Infant Rayshade: We definitely need to invest in this universal stroller shade (verdict is that it works REALLY well)  We already can’t stand when the sun is in our girls’ eyes, and we love that this shade filters out 99% of harmful UVB and UVA rays.  It’s also waterproof and has pockets to hold things.  It’s less than $18!

Siliskin Straw Tops:  How many times have you been on the go and have forgotten a sippy cup?  We love these straw tops to throw in your bag, which can convert almost any beverage to a child-friendly cup.  We love the entire Silikids line and think that it is also perfect in repelling sand away.

Babiators: The ultimate baby shades! These aviator-style sunglasses for babies and children provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Babiators cares about safety and offers a Lost & Found Guarantee – if you lose/break your Babiators within the first year of purchase, Babiators will replace them, no question!  That’s a deal!  Our girls used to take these off, but now at nearly 16 months old, they are keeping them on – so happy (and so cute)!

JJ Cole All-Purpose Blanket: We actually invested in this blanket before kids, and it’s perfect for the beach because of it’s sand-resistant material.  We know we will be needing more than just a towel when we’re on the beach this summer to prevent sand going everywhere.  Another fan favorite is the Skip Hop Central Park blanket.  Both are the same size (5×5) and offer some really cute designs – they also come with a convenient carrying case.

i play Sunhat: We scored one of these for less than $7 a few weeks ago.  It’s great quality and gives really nice coverage.  If we could only get our babies to keep hats on – any suggestions?  We are determined!

SwimWays Baby Float: We both got this pool float last summer and loved it!  It is a safe (while attended, of course) way for baby to get in the water and start getting used to the pool!  We are excited to see if they will be interested in taking it for a spin this year too.  A really great deal at less than $30!

Quinny South Beach Zapp Xtra Stroller: We are so beyond in love with this ultimate summer stroller!  Lia got married in South Beach and we swooned over this stroller while checking it out at the NY Baby Show.  Besides being super bold and cool (also available in pink), t’s lightweight, compact, water-repellant, and also serves as a travel system.  You can have it face both ways and it’s such a sharp looking stroller.  Perfect for a day (and nap) at the pool or on the boardwalk.

Konfidence Float Suit:  We are so excited to try out this award-winning float suit in the pool this summer.  Their adorable and high quality float suits offer a stylish and very supportive alternative to swimming aids. The removable float system allows children to develop water confidence at their own pace.  This can be worn from 12 months!

Pediped Adventure Line Shoes:  You likely already know of our love for pediped shoes (they are just the best and also celebrating their 10 year anniversary!!), and we are so excited about their line of shoes that are water repellent.  So perfect for summer!  We know we aren’t the only ones that get really nervous about kids running around on slippery surfaces, and these have a great grip.  They are also machine washable!  For shoes to wear in the ocean/pool, check out these from Lands’ End.

NurturMe Yum-A-Roos: Snacks can be tricky if you aren’t packing a cooler… the idea of a pouch getting heated up makes us a bit nauseous and you need to be careful about food spoiling too!  We love these freeze-dried organic snacks by Yum-A-Roos, as the girls love them and they are super easy and nutritious (and don’t make a big mess either!)

Corolle Water Babies: These have quickly become one of our girls’ favorites!   They love bringing their favorite dolls into the bath with them, and the pool will be even more fun!  Corolle has quite a few versions of these dollies, which may be more appealing to the little men out there too.  Amazon has a good selection of these dolls too!

Ambi Water Toys: Classic toys in classic colors – many are made for the water (like this fishing boat) and could guarantee hours of fun.  Most of the toys are waterproof (and not electronic), so they are great toys to have in the diaper bag for fun at any time.

Snapper Rock UV Protection Swimwear:  We love this fun and stylish UV50+ swimwear line that keeps infants and children looking cool and protected while they play in the sun! Snapper Rock has high-quality (and adorable) clothing that is lightweight, breathable and quick drying with UV protection (blocking 98% of all harmful rays).

Sunology Natural Kids’ Sunscreen:  There are so many great sunscreens out there for your children, and we have been really keen on this one so far.  It’s all-natural, 50+ and non-toxic.  It slides on really easily and doesn’t seem to bother our babies either.  We also think Babyganics makes a great option.

Zoocchini Hooded Towel: Ok, so I guess a hooded towel isn’t completely necessary during a hot beach or pool day, but why not make your child look even more adorable in a cuddly critter towel?  And they will be obsessed!   There are great options for babies and toddlers (these also make a super fun gift)… and these are high-quality and cuddly towels!

Intex Inflatable Pools: For kids that can’t get in the water, this is a great and fun option to have them stay cool on the sidelines.  And you can easily inflate these very reasonably priced pools anywhere you go!

Lulujo Turkish Towel: We are loving Lulujo turkish towels (and also the price of just $21!!)  Made of 100% cotton, they are stylish, practical & multi-functional. You can use it as a beach towels, bath towels, picnic blankets, wraps, and more (who doesn’t love versatility, especially as a mama!!)

Quilted Koala Tote Bag: Such bright and fun bags, perfect for the beach!  We were in search of a bag that was bright, soft, holds a lot, and is machine washable (a must!) and this bag offers all of that.  There are also some adorable duffles and mini bags for the kids!

Piyo Piyo Stacker Toy: A fun and colorful bath toy that would be perfect for the pool or on the beach.  We think our girls would love playing with stackers in the water even more than they do inside.  We have been keeping our eyes out for some toys that fit this bill to bring in our bag this summer.  Also, if you have lots of toys to tote around (i.e. for multiple kids), check out the Toy Nanny bag and mat – just $25 (on sale from $50)!

What will you be bringing to the beach/pool this summer?  We’d love to hear!

With love,


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