2019’s Best Gifts for Women Under $25

There are so many occasions you might not want to spend a fortune on gift, yet still want to send something meaningful.  With the holidays right around the corner, you’re probably going to be attending a white elephant or secret Santa and you need a great inexpensive gift.

We’ve made this list to help give great ideas for gifts that you need that aren’t super expensive (I don’t want to say they’re cheap because sometimes cheap can mean low quality…and we are all about the high quality at a bargain price). Holiday shopping especially can drive you insane when you have to shop for your family plus all those other small events you have with work or friends.  This list of gifts should help get you through some of the smaller gifts you have to purchase.

Let us help you find something that’s going to make you look like the thoughtful gift-giver that you are!


Satin Knot Headband – $14

Satin know headbands are all the rage right now.  This one featured from J. Crew is a steal at $14.  It’s a gift that’s universally cool. I could see women of all ages rocking this gift to work, taking their kids to school, or out on a date night.


BalanceFrom GoYoga Yoga Mat – $16

BalanceFrom mats aren’t just for Yoga.  We personally use them for all our exercise classes and like this mat especially because it’s on the thicker side and help protect our (aging) knees.


Headspace App – $6/month

Studies show that meditation can significantly reduce stress this app is so wonderful and takes you through guided meditations that will help get you through your day.  Anybody who is stressed at work, a mom, etc can listen to these meditations and be reduced to a calm and peaceful state.  How can you put a price on a gift like that??


Sweaty Rocks Sweats – $20

A super highly rated pair of lounge pants for $20 really make the perfect gift when you’re looking to have an impact, but not spend a ton.  This company makes quite a few pairs in al different designs.  They look adorable with a cropped sweatshirt.  While you’re at it, order a pair for yourself!


Blame it on the Rainbow Nail Polish Set – $15

A cute nail polish set would appeal to women ages.  Blame it on the Rainbow Set come in many colors at Sephora.  This is one gift people will be swapping for at the white elephant!


Essential Oils Diffuser – $11

There are a lot of great diffusers on the market but this one is small and packs a punch. It works great for somebody who doesn’t want a giant thing taking up space on their counter or end table.  This particular diffuser is also great for those starting out with essential oils because it’s not too much of a financial commitment.


Thrive Mascara – $24

Let me count the ways I love this mascara (and let me count how many times I gave this as a gift!).  It’s completely revolutionized mascara if you ask me.  Nothing on the market comes close. it’s tubing technology makes lashes super long, thick and healthy.  It’s hypoallergenic, vegan and your purchase also helps a woman in need.  All around a super product that any makeup lover will adore!



Mulling Spices  ($12) and Wine

This gift, while inexpensive pairs nicely with a bottle of wine.  It is something different for people to try and such a treat – the type of thing someone might not buy for themselves.  They can use to entertain and use for a night in their significant other.


Urban Decay Lipstick Set ($25)

We got a lipgloss set recently and it’s been a huge hit.  Find neutral colors that will look great on anyone like this Urban Decay set that’s just $25!


Fun Tumbler – $18

These Kate Spade Tumblers are just $18.  They have adorable sayings and colors and patterns.  People are sure to use it because, well, it’s super cute to be seen with and it also help keep plastic out of the trash.


J Crew Earrings – $15

J Crew Jewelry is always on trend AND price point.  We love these Tortoise earrings as they’re very universal.  J Crew almost always has a sale going on bringing the price of these earrings down to around $15.


Iphone Case ($10)

Cute gifts don’t have to be expensive!  Take this adorable iPhone case.  My sister-in-laws and I focus on giving gifts for the kids, but get each other a little something fun.  Guess what they’re getting this year??   Just make sure before you purchase, you know which model of iPhone the recipient has.


Alpaca Ring Dish ($15)

Is there anything cooler than alpacas and succulents right now?  Leverage this trend to get somebody a cool ring dish gift.  Ring dishes make great gifts because you need one in almost every room.  Or at least I do, is that weird?



Plaid Scarf – $10

We have this scarf and it’s a complete steal at $10.  It’s very large and soft so it can be worn many different ways.  The quality is very nice and it makes every outfit you wear look fall and festive.  Another great gift that would please almost any woman!



Creature Cups – $15

I actually can’t with the cuteness of these cups.  They’re just $15 and you can pick one of 10 creatures.  They’re beyond adorable and make for the perfect gift because who doesn’t like adorable things?




Cards Against Humanity – $25

Wanna bring life to any party?  Then whip out this game.  It’s so much fun to play.  A game as a gift can be such a nice gesture yet general and good for a gift exchange.  If you know somebody know likes puns, then check out Punderdome.  It’s on our giving list this year for a corny brother-in-law.


Inspirational Book – $10

We all know Marie Kondo is all the rage right now.  So in case you have a messy friend who has been living under a rock, this is the gift for her!  It really is life-changing as the book teaches you how to shift your mindset about “stuff”.



Cookbook and baking tray – $12

This is another really fun gift for a women (or man) who enjoys cooking.  The cook book is $12, but you can tie it together with a sheet pan with a nice bow to make a darling little gift set.




Slate cutting board shaped like a state – $20

These slate cutting board gifts are always a crowd pleaser.  We live in NJ and I know we are super proud of our heritage.  What other state has cities, beaches, pine lands, farmland and Snookie?





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