The Top Kids Shoes for Little Feet this Fall and Winter

Weather is getting cooler by the day, and we are thrilled to reveal the best kids shoes for little feet this fall and winter.  Tested and recommended by Little List, we are bringing you our list to help you shoe shop this season.  Quick tip: size one size up and extend the length of wear.  It’s easy to wear thick (or layered) socks when boots are a bit big, and they may likely fit next year too!  We are on our second season of a couple boots from last year.

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Best for Fashion and Function // EMU Australia: The whole line of EMU kids shoes for toddlers and kids is SO adorable.  We love that there are so many mommy & me styles too.  This line is the best for functional shoes (warm and comfortable) while also being fashionable.  For toddlers, we highly recommend the Toddle.  Pictured:  Shoreline ($99).  Another plus to these is that they are gender neutral so they can pass on to the next child even if they’re a different gender.

kids shoes, kids boots, kids winter boots, best shoes for kids, kids footwear, kids sneakers, tsukihoshiNew Fave for Active Feet // TSUKIHOSHI: We were so excited to try out a new brand of kids shoes that has quickly become our favorite sneaker.  These unique style shoes are high quality and sturdy.  They are also machine washable and many are also waterproof.  They are easy to put on, lightweight, and have great foot support.  Pictured: Euro ($59)

Easiest and Sturdiest Boot // KEEN: The gold standard in adventure shoes!  We love their cold weather options particularly, as there are many options for every need.  Whether you are looking to keep your baby or big kid’s (or your own) feet warm, and whether they are going to a park or playing in the snow, KEEN has you covered for kids shoes.  We love how easy these boots are to put on!  Pictured: Hoodoo Waterproof boot ($90)

Best for All Day & Night Play // See Kai Run: See Kai Run has been on several of our shoe guides and it’s because we love their quality shoes in so many great styles. This is our favorite line for a pair of shoes to take your kid from play to night.  While the shoes look formal, they are made for busy little feet.  There are some great fleece lined options, as well as high-tops to keep feet warm and secure.  Pictured: Sam II Waterproof

Stylish and Cozy // Pediped: If you’ve followed us for awhile, you know Pediped is an all-time favorite of ours.  The shoes are so comfortable and come in the trendiest styles ever.  It’s our go-to for fancy styles for the holidays too.  We are totally swooning over the pictured boots and we really want a pair to match!  Pictured: Grip ‘n’ Go Rosa Silver ($55)

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Best for Snowball Fights // Stride Rite: Half sneaker and half boot, this “snoot” will keep your little ones’ feet warm and dry.  We love the innovative design that allows your kid to have a blast in all the elements without getting snow in pants!  Pictured: Made2Play Sneaker Boots ($55-60)

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