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11 Essential Breastfeeding Supplies 

When you’re pregnant and make the decision to try to breastfeed, it can be completely daunting.  There are so many questions you probably have especially around exactly what breastfeeding supplies you need to manage.  Unfortunately it’s not as easy as sticking the baby on the boob (especially in the beginning! But soon these essentials will become toys as demonstrated in the picture below.)


This is a great list because as a new mom who plans to breastfeed it will help you prepare.  Even if you’re not a new mom, putting together a basket of breastfeeding supplies is SUCH an awesome shower gift.


To give you a good start, here are the essentials us two breastfeeding mothers at Little List couldn’t live without.


    1. Meleda Freestyle pump
      Here is a little savvy secret, thanks to ObamaCare we should all be able to get a free breast-pump through our regular insurance.  All pumps are NOT created equal, some require you plug them into the wall, some are heavy etc. The Medela Freestyle is small, portable, convenient and pretty powerful. The problem is, most insurances wont let you get a freestyle because it’s the most expensive pump (besides a hospital grade pump which I highly recommend renting if you’re having issues). What you have to do is call multiple medical supply companies (I got mine from SunMed) and see if they will let you pay an up-charge fee for the Medela Freestyle. My up-charge was $150. ‘Udder’ly worth every penny.
    2. Spectra Hospital Grade Pump – If you’re exclusively pumping, having supply issues etc and need something hardcore, this pump is for you.  We tired and and loved it.  It’s much bigger than the freestyle, but so much more powerful.  As far as breastfeeding supplies go, don’t short yourself on a good pump.  If you’re a cow and can pump easily, stick with just the freestyle.  It got the job done for us no problem.  If I was pumping all day everyday, I would use this bad boy.
    3. Medela Storage kit – If you don’t want to get crazy cleaning a lot of bottle parts, the Medela bottles are really great basic bottles.  Easy to clean, easy to hook right up to your pump, easy to store etc.
    4. Lansinoh Lanolin
      The first two weeks are rough.  It’s worth it to stick with it!  You can do it!  This stuff really helps you plow through.
    5. Lansinoh storage bags
      We like these a little better than the Medela bags because they are bigger and double reinforced.

  1. Bravado Nursing Bra
    While these aren’t cheap, this is a quality item that lasts wash after wash.  Even 8 months in, I’m still only wearing these bras!
  2. Avent Hand Pump
    This comes in handy on so many occasions!  Especially if you have an oversupply or a really fast let down, or your trying to wean etc…Also, I recommend grabbing a Haakaa silicone hand pump.  If you have a leaky boob or just want to be ultra efficient with your pumping, stick this thing on your opposite breast that you’re feeding or pumping from to catch the drip.  I would get almost an extra ounce, which adds up!
  3. Nursing Cover
  4. Lansinoh Breast padsThese are absorbent and don’t make you look like Madonna circa 1984.Optional:
  5.  Boppy Pillow
    I only used it for one week before I got the hang of it and then just supported my elbow with a couch pillow. Not an essential, but for some it might be!
  6. Nipple Shield Not an essential again, but if you need it, you need it.  You will find out very quickly if you need one after you start breastfeeding!

There are so many things to think about when you have a new baby.  Some other posts that will be helpful in preparing for the baby are what essential clothes do you need when you bring them home and of course our ultimate registry guide.

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