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Bugaboo Runner Review

Spring has sprung and we are so excited to be reviewing the Bugaboo Runner. Bugaboo’s products are incredibly stylish and the quality is unmatched.  My family and I have been loyal Bugaboo lovers since my nephew was born 8 years ago.  My sister still has her original Bugaboo Cameleon and with a quick tune-up, it still looks and works like the first day she got it.

Needless to say, we were thrilled when we found out Bugaboo was introducing a jogging stroller and we were not disappointed when testing it out.  A little about me – I would say I’m an intermediate runner, some 5ks and 3-5 miles a couple times a week – weather permitting.  Below are my top pros and cons to the Bugaboo Runner.  It’s also important to note, we previously ran with the Bob Revolution SE jogger so I was inclined to compare some of the features.

Bugaboo Runner Pros + Cons

1.    Let’s start out by talking about the elephant in the room: the fixed front wheel.  This didn’t bother me in the least, and I found it relatively easy to turn while running. I can see how this can be a deterrent for some, as this isn’t an all-in-one stroller. It’s a running stroller, made for runners who are running. If you need to make a sharp turn, you’ll need to lift the front wheel to do so.

side profile

front profile - canopy

2.    Some Bugaboo seats are compatible with the Bugaboo runner frame, so if you are a current Bugaboo owner, you may only need to purchase the frame which cuts on cost. It’s compatible with the following seats:

  • Bugaboo Cameleon³ seat
  • Bugaboo Bee (2010 model and onwards) seat
  • Bugaboo Donkey seat – version 1.1
  • Bugaboo Buffalo seat

3.    I LOVE the reversible seat and huge canopy. We often run along the beach in the summer so the huge canopy is essential in keeping my little one out of the sun.  The reversible seat allows us the flexibility to block her from the wind.  Alternatively, some cons are the lack of a peekaboo window so you can see your child while running and mesh inserts within the canopy to help with air circulation.



4.    Not only is the seat reversible, it’s has three recline positions so your little ones can nod off during your run.

recline lever

5.    There is no question that this stroller is made incredibly well with some small but important details.  The seat fabric seems durable, the 5-point seat harness is padded for extra comfort, and it even comes with a travel-size air pump and rain guard.

buckle 1

buckle 2

6.    The biggest point of contention for me was the low weight limit and lack of car seat attachments for infants. It’s recommended from 9 months and up to 37.5 pounds, which is limiting. I started running with my BOB when my daughter 6 months old and will continue until she is 70 pounds!

7.    It’s easy to fold, and while some may complain about having to take the seat off, if you are a Cameleon owner, you are used to this by now.  It’s pretty heavy weighing in at 28 lbs, but as expected for a running stroller (the BOB is 25lbs).

8.    The large air-filled tires and suspension glide effortlessly on varied terrain and the mud guards prevent mud from flying up while you run.

9.    The basket is huge and easy to access. It has two elastic straps so you can secure your belongings. There are three smaller velcro mesh pockets for smaller items – think keys, wallet, phone, extra pacifier!


10.  If you don’t own a compatible Bugaboo model, it can be pretty pricey – 399.99 for the frame and 389.99 for the seat bringing your total to 789.98 compared to the Bob Revolution SE which costs 459.99.

Overall, I love the sleek design, smooth ride and special features for my little one and can’t wait to continue running down the shore with it – let’s just hope Spring is here to stay!

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