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Clothing Necessities for Moms at Home with a Newborn

Like any other first time mothers to be, we had lofty goals of fitting into our pre-pregnancy clothes on the way home from the hospital.  Yeah right!  The good news is that you are so in love with your baby and care most about cuddling and being comfortable (and your maternity clothes will be loose too!)  We are rounding up some of our top picks for the first month home with baby.  Assuming you are nursing (or trying to) we are  also including some clothing items you should have in your house ready to go when you get home from the hospital.firstmonthhome

1) A couple great nursing tops: We know these little cuties in the beginning need lots of love, snuggles, and boobs.  So since you will be whipping it out what feels like every 3 minutes, you need shirts that allow for easy access.  With lots of people stopping over to visit your new addition here are a couple ideas of tops that are functional AND stylish. We love the tops from Milk & Baby. This one is adorable with leggings and makes nursing so convenient.  There is also a great selection at Motherhood Maternity, with some on mega-sale right now.

2) Target nursing tanksWe lived in these Target tanks (and still throw them on from time to time).  They are great to layer or to put under a cardigan.

3) Cardigans (during the chilly months): For this time of year (or even on a chilly summer night), an ASOS cardigan like this to throw over the tanks are ballin’!  They will have you ready for anybody who shows up at your door with a casserole!

4) Nursing Bras: We love the Bravado Nursing Bra (It’s steep at $50, but even 10 months in, we are still wearing them every day and can tell you, they’re holding up great!)  You can get them from Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20% off coupon too to bring them down to $40.  These soft ones from Target for those sleeping loungie first months are great.  They have a small bone in the side, so we just cut it out and they’re perfect.

5) Nursing PJs: Before we had babies, we didn’t realize that the ‘eating every 2 hours’ thing INCLUDED overnight…The proper gear is essential for those overnight ours too.  How cute is this Seraphine nightie?  You don’t have to get specific PJs for nursing either (although it is more convenient.)  We love these button down Victoria’s Secret pajamas that often go on sale!

6) Slippers with Rubber Bottoms: Because you will definitely be wearing them out to the store at some point…I promise.  And our UGG moccasins are still holding up – so cozy and perfect for inside (one of our favorite gifts ever).

7) Maternity Pants/Baggy Pants/Soft Leggings: The bad news nobody told us was that we would be wearing maternity pants for an additional 3 months after we had the babies.  So we are telling you now, prepare for it and get yourself some fresh leggings or some soft velour pants because you will want to burn the ones you wore for the 9 months before!  We lived in these from Motherhood Maternity from maternity through post-delivery, and they are on sale right now for just $6.

8) G-ma undies: Another thing nobody told us was that things aren’t feeling great down there for AWHILE.  So to mange everything going on and the Depends-like pads you’ll be wearing, you need some serious underwear.

What were your must-haves for the first month home with baby?  We’d love to hear from you!

With love,


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