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Newborn Clothes to Have on Hand when Bringing Baby Home


As a new mom, I will admit to having absolutely no idea what newborn clothes I needed to have on hand when I brought my baby home.  It’s actually a very popular question we get from other moms too “What do I need ready to go? What newborn clothes should I register for, what should I have ready in the drawers?” When the gender was a surprise, it made it all the more challenging since people usually don’t give you a ton of clothes, so you end up shopping on your own for a lot.


Right after my first born came home, I had to send my husband out to the store to buy clothes for her because I was literally the most clueless person on earth when it came to newborn clothes I needed. So I wanted to help other new moms have their baby’s dresser ready to go with all the essentials so you don’t end up bringing your baby home wearing a hospital shirt, as pants..(yes, that actually happened).

Before diving in, I want to mention something that came as a shock to me.  The babies, especially from the time they are newborns, grow very fast. I am talking they might be out of a size in 2 weeks.  It will knock you on your behind if you’re not ready.

In the beginning, it’s important to have the essentials for up to 6 months size (even 9 if you’re aggressive) at hand.  Let me paint this picture, by the time your baby is 3 months old, that’s just 12 weeks after giving birth, they can very well be wearing a size 6 months.  That means, in those 12 weeks you would have blown through, NB, 0-3 months, 3 months, 3-6 months and 6 months  size clothing.  Let it sink in…

Now let’s get prepared.  Below is a list of all the essential newborn clothes its best to have on hand when you bring that munchkin home from the hospital.

3-6 NB

    1. CROPPED UNDERSHIRTS – 3-6 NB Cropped undershirts with side snap – long sleeve for winter babies, short sleeve for summer babies.  Let me tell you, nobody is going to buy these for you.  They’re not a fun glam gift.  But you need to have them on hand.  I recommend getting a pack in 0-3m and 3-6m.
    2. ONESIE SLEEPERS – 6-8 Newborn size onesies – We recommend also having 6-8 0-3 months and 3-6 months in the house ready to go!  You really need these in every size we still have them at 18 months!) We love Carter’s of course, but then we like to have a few fancy ones for when friends come over like these Burts Bees.  Bonus points if they have a zipper!
    3. THE KIMONO SHIRT – Like the side snap undershirts, you should supplement with these kimono shirts.  If you have a summer baby, get two to three fun ones, if you have a winter baby get 2-3 long-sleeve in a cute pattern. Trust us, the side snap avoids pulling over the head, rubbing and pulling the shirt down over the belly button.  Even if you wear them under a onesie, you will be glad to have them.  You can buy pants or shorts separately to go with it.
    4. KIMONO OUTFITS – Like this one from Hannah Anderson or this one which is the PERFECT coming home outfit.  You will so pleased with the side snap you should probably have 3 solid newborn outfits like this and even want to get (3) 0-3 month and (3) 3-6 month just to have ready to go because they are SO MUCH EASIER TO PUT ON than the over-the-head ones for the teeny ones.  Note: For the 0-6 month sizes, you can get the ones that snap between the legs and turn into a onesie because the belly button will be gone.
    5. SOCKS – 6 pairs of socks – size 0-3 months, 3-6 months etc..
    6. MITTENS – 2 pair of mittens
    7. HATS – 2 really soft hats for the first few weeks.  Don’t go overboard here.  Im sure you got plenty for your shower, but having a few good ones laying around especially in the winter is great.
    8. BIBS – 3 Bibs because you never know if you’re getting a spitter or not!
    9. Swaddles/sleep sacks – This was a question we got after publishing this post.  I would recommend having at least 3 of the swaddle sleep sacks that keep the baby’s arms snug in 0-3 months.  Then you want 2-3 in every size after that but they don’t need to have the arms snug.  My kids wanted their arms free around 4 months.

So those are the essentials.  If you want to take it a step further, of course we have list after list of children’s specialty clothing we love here.  But if you have this list of items in your closet, ready to go, we are confident you’ll have your clothing situation under control.

With Love,



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