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Scrub-a-Dub Dub – Little List’s Favorite Tubs!

I’ve discovered that people underestimate the infant tub purchase decision. We weigh our options extensively on our strollers, bedding and car seats but the tub is also an item that gets used almost daily and for quite a while! It too, is a very personal decision that deserves a bit of time matching the features and benefits of each tub to fit your lifestyle.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite tubs.  None of them are absolutely perfect, but each have different key benefits that you have to match to fit your lifestyle. We’ve listed both benefits and considerations of each of our picks to help you make an informed decision and hopefully save you some time!

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1) Boon Collapsible Tub
Easy to clean
Transitions from newborn to around 10/11 months.
Easy to store: Collapsible + Hang on your shower curtain rod
Considerations: No fresh water flow, need to use a sponge support for newborns

2) Puj
Small – Excellent for small living quarters, second homes or parents on the move
Great for small infants
Fits in most sinks
Dries quickly and flat
Considerations: Grow out of it quickly

3) Fisher Price Whale of a Tub
Really good price point
Grows with baby from infant to toddler thanks to the removable insert (aka butt stop), and does a great job propping your infant up comfortably + securely
Fits in both tubs and in sinks
Considerations: No fresh water flow, not easy to store, can be difficult to clean

4) 4 Moms
Fresh Water always flowing in
Water temperature monitor
Fits in most sinks
Big enough for babies to fit in it for quite some time
Fill to different water levels depending on baby’s size/age
Use in tubs and in sinks
Considerations: Large, difficult to store, need to use a sponge support for newborns

5) Prince Lionheart FlexiBath
Great for older babies + while travelling
Folds up smaller for easy storage and portability
Considerations: Only good for older babies, no way for baby to lean back, on the narrow side

6) Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub
Comfy mesh sling for newborns
Transitions from newborn to toddler
Hang on your shower curtain rod to save space
Considerations: No fresh water flow, difficult to clean


4Moms Tub Full Review

I live in the suburbs of NYC in a house with a decent amount of space. So I have the room to have the luxury of the 4moms infant tub. I really love it. Especially because my bathroom is super old and nasty with a tub that doesn’t stop the water, I’ve been able to bathe Reese in it for almost a year without having to re-do my bathroom!


How bad is this bathroom??

Reese has been in her 4Moms tub since birth. So while the tub is big, all you have to do is buy a little $5 infant pad to keep the bebes stable during those early days.
I love how there’s always fresh water flowing into the tub which is a HUGE plus for me. The little ones love going to the bathroom in the warm water, so this helps to keep things fresh. Here is how it works:


And then the water exits through this little hole in the side, keeping the water level at the same height all the time.

Another great feature is the multiple plugs to regulate the water level. When they’re teeny, just unplug the side plug to keep the water level low.


There’s also the temperature gauge that measures the temp of the water flowing from the faucet into the tub.  I don’t really use it, but its a nice to have.


You can see that even though Reese is a big 11 months, she still fits into the tub. She actually refuses to go in the regular big tub and screams whenever I try. Lets hope this lasts awhile longer!


Tell us more! What tub did you use that we should consider for our next tub roundup?

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