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Favorite Things at 14 Months Old (All under $30!)

Putting together these posts is so fun because it really makes us stop in our tracks (easier said than done sometimes!) and think about it is what our little ones love the most this month.  It’s also fun to see how the posts have evolved, and how they are developing their own likes and dislikes.  For example, you’ll see the swing is own of R’s most favorite things ever… and A hates it (she’s more of a slide girl).  We hope these give you some fun ideas for your own children or for gifts!  Best part is that all of these picks are under $30 (and most under $20!)
Favorite Things at 12 months old (2)

A’s Favorites

1) Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll: This is the best toy ever this month!  A LOVES dolls and this special one goes in the bath (or pool).  It’s also the perfect size for a baby/toddler.  This dolly has made bath time even more fun and I know she will be coming in the pool soon too!  Such a great idea for a doll, and still has the awesome vanilla scent that all Corolle dolls have.  This is a perfect gift, too.  On sale now for $30 (from $40)

2) Ambi Toys Fish Wheel: Bath time is one of our favorite times all day and A’s been really excited to have some new toys over the last couple months.  This is one of her absolute faves, and I love it because it has taught her a lot.  She has actually started filling up the container to make the fish move.  Bath toys are some of my favorites, and A doesn’t seem to tire of them as quickly either. $17.50

3) Skip Hop Ladybug Backpack:  These backpacks are all too cute, and there are many quality options for boys and girls!  A has been SO into taking everything out of my purse, so I’ve been having fun packing backs for her to discover what’s inside.  It is perfect for bringing to a grandparent’s house, too!  $20

4) Baby Banana Training Toothbrush: Miss A has TWELVE teeth.  As I don’t want her to have as many cavities as her mama (a lot), I am working on oral care early.  It’s become part of our morning and bedtime routine and she just loves this brush.  I put on a tiny bit of Tom’s strawberry paste and she’s obsessed… also loves spitting!  I’m hoping this will ease her into regular toothbrushes, and she also loves chewing on it for teething.  On sale now for $6.80

R’s Favorites

5) Janod Stacking Pyramid: R loved this stacker so much that she bought A her own too!  It has resulted in hours of entertainment for both of them… and also their parents, who enjoy stacking them on top of their own heads or creating obstacle courses for the little ones! Just $15 and such a good value!

6) Little Tikes Swing: Many babies love the swings in the park (we are soooo excited for park weather), and if your babe is as obsessed as R is, this swing is a best bet in your backyard.  We also have our eyes on this slide for $35!  On sale now for $22 (from $30)

7) The Little Mermaid DVD + All things Disney: Miss R loves ALL things Disney… from The Little Mermaid to Mickey’s Clubhouse and mostly goes crazy over the music.  It’s a great way for mama to get a few minutes while R is loving life watching and learning at the same time.  Another tip: we love YouTubing Disney songs when we are in a quick bind on our phones… the babies love it.  On sale now for $20 (with options via Amazon starting at $.01!)

8) 101 Dalmatians Stuffed Dog: R loves watching 101 Dalmatians and calls Cruella “bad”… so this stuffed animal, which she calls “Patch” On sale for $13

What toys are your kids’ faves?  We’d love to hear!

With love,


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