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Now that Reese is getting a little older, I was looking for something to make her bed a little softer and cozier.  I found this company called The Natural Mat founded by 2 sailors in Devon, UK.  They create mattresses and toppers made from pure natural fibers.  I wish I found them sooner because I totally regret not getting R an natural mattress, but I don’t feel so bad now because this company makes these toppers which turn any mattress into an organic one!  They’re amazing because they keep the baby/toddlers body temperature more regulated.  All I know is that R didn’t sleep through the night until she had her topper (total queen!). When I bought this, I never imagined they would have made one to fit our queen mattress, but how wrong was I!! It’s so comfy, and one of the best purchases I have made in a long time!




We are also SO pumped to be giving away a dual sided Spring Mattress worth $375!  Hit up our Facebook page to enter.  Here are some pics of the prize – GOOD LUCK!

USA_naturalmat 9653 Natural Mat Spring Mat


I’m such a nerd and really love the video the company put out here.  Check it out to learn more about the care they put behind their product.

More Information on The Natural Mat Company:

The Natural Mat Company was founded in 2000 in Topsham in Devon, by Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall, who as keen sailors both became frustrated with the poor quality of synthetic mattresses found on boats.

Mark and Peter decided to look for an alternative and found natural fibers to be a more superior substitute for boating. With their knowledge and expertise they quickly developed a business making mattresses for yachts and motor boats. With the arrival of Mark’s first child, they quickly identified a need for a natural offering for babies.

With a mission to develop the perfect natural sleeping environment for babies and children, Mark and Peter set to work to create a range of pure natural fiber mattresses. After nine months, they were proud to launch the first range of natural baby mattresses.

The handmade range includes organic coir, natural latex and mohair mattresses from cribs through to children’s beds. Each mattress provides parents with the peace of mind that babies will have a safe and restful night sleep on the highest quality natural fibers available today.



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