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February Favorites for 12 Month Olds

It has been getting more and more fun at A + R grow up and interact with toys at a new level.  Some of their favorites from last month certainly remain, but there are some new picks in the mix!  We hope you enjoy learning a little more what our girls love at age (almost) 1 and that it may give you some good ideas for your own little own or for a gift!  Stay tuned as we chronicle their (and our) favorite things each month.  And please, let us know your favorites too!

Favorite 12 Months

1) Aurora Cat Stuffed Animal:  This is one of Alexa’s very favorite toys… which is ironic because her mama is MUCH more of a dog person.  (A also has a stuffed dog and definitely prefers the cat).  It’s probably because of it’s size and softness, and has almost become a lovey.  This is a great gift at a great price point too (we received it as a gift!)

2) Corolle Baby Doll: This is a shared favorite by Reese and Alexa… it’s too cute seeing our babies coddle “babies” and Corolle makes the cutest dolls.  This particular one has a soft body and is the perfect size for a one year old.  Additionally, nothing beats that vanilla smell of Corolle… how do they do that?!

3) Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker:  Both A + R love blocks and stackers… this particular one is a favorite of A’s.  It isn’t the quickest to put together and just as her mom finally gets it right, it gets pulled down again.  But hey it’s fun!  The blocks have ended staying in a box but she makes a bee-line for them and carries them around with her!

4) Books, Books, Books!  (Jellycat is a featured fave this month!):  Our girls love books… climbing over to the bookshelf (it’s great to have one where they can pick books themselves) and choosing one (or twenty).  The Jellycat books are short, sweet, and adorable.  They have lots of textures for the babes to feel, which they still enjoy at this age.

5) VTech Bear’s Baby Laptop:  Reese owns this laptop and can’t get enough, typing away on it like her mama does!   She must be looking for deals too :)  A has a similar one (Fisher Price version)  and is equally as obsessed…. these babies love their buttons!  Anything with buttons (toy or non-toy) is always a hit.

6) Bright Starts Roll & Chase Bee: We got this as a gift and A LOVES chasing it around and also pushing the (you guessed it) buttons to make it play music and move around.  It’s a really fun toy that can also tired the little ones out chasing after it!  Logan the goldendoodle also is very entertained by this ball.

7) Melissa & Doug Knob Puzzles: Again, a shared favorite!  You can’t go wrong with Melissa & Doug’s knob puzzles.  They are a magnet for the girls… they love taking the pieces on and off and also making animal noises when they pick up the piece (so they are educational too).  Such a classic toy that has stood the test of time.

8) Fisher Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride & Ride Elephant: Ride on it, bounce on it, push it or tip it over and play with the underside of it.  Haha.  This toy is so much fun and plays adorable music too that will get stuck in your head.  I swear the voice has a Boston accent though.  Did anybody else notice that?

9) Edushape Tiles:  I’m not sure who has more fun with this, R or my husband.  She loves ripping the letters apart, putting the tiles on her head, slapping things with the edges.  Its all good though, as long as she’s interacting with the letters.   Every single night my husband can’t go to sleep unless it’s put back together.  He always likes to form me messages in it too!

10) IKEA Roller Coaster: Every kid who comes over to my house loves this toy too!  I will admit, I saw it in my doctors office and checked where it was from.  When I saw IKEA and that it was $10, I said, why not!  A great purchase that really gets played with.

With love,


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