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The “Giving Tuesday” Family Plan


With all the presents flying around at Christmas time the holiday season can quickly become a lot about “gimme” for our kids.  We know its important to not lose sight on what the holiday is about, but what are some simple actionable steps moms can take to teach their children about charity?

Little List is using Giving Tuesday to ask families to make a pledge for a charity of their choice TODAY.  Even if you don’t ‘give/donate/volunteer’ today per say, ‘Giving Tuesday’ is a great day to set a plan for your family’s charitable giving this season.  Giving should be an ongoing thing, so don’t only think full-day events of volunteerism.  Also think little things that kids can do too, so it increases the frequency of giving back… and the good feelings that come along with it!

Here are some helpful articles and ideas that you can use to form your plan to teach your children about the real spirit of the holidays and empower them to feel like they can make a difference:

  • Have kids donate the same number of old toys that they received of new ones. It’s a great idea for the whole family to go and deliver these toys to a shelter or place of need after (it also keeps your house clutter free!) together.
  • Perhaps your church or place of worship has a list of children or families in need.  Let your kids pick a name from that list and help you shop for gifts… they will feel involved and like they are making a difference.  We have personal memories of doing this when we were growing up – it makes an impact!
  • Pick a charity based on your children’s interests and sign up to volunteer at a local chapter together or suggest them donating a small portion of their allowance.
  • Team up with other moms to have a bake sale at school, where all profits will be donated to an undisclosed local family in need.
  • Check your local Moms club Facebook page by searching for the word “charity” or post that you’re looking for opportunities for your family to get involved.   You’re guaranteed to get tons of responses!
  • Some daily ideas – kids could bring an extra special snack for lunch to give to a person they know might enjoy it, donate books to their school library, or knock on an elderly neighbors door and ask them if they need help raking leaves.  The possibilities for small acts of kindness are endless and if you need more inspiration here is a great Pinterest board we found.

Here are some other resources with ideas:

1) Holiday Volunteering, Charity Ideas That Make An Impact (Huffington Post)

2) 6 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Thrill of Giving Back (Redbook)

3) Three Ways To Practice Giving With Children (Justice Jonesie)

4) Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Giving Back (Chocolate Cake Moments)

Are there any special ideas that you do with your family that you’d like to share with the LL community?

With love,


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