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15 Top Holiday Gifts for Boys in 2019

We are rounding up a list of the 15 best holiday gifts for boys in 2019 to help you find the perfect gift for the little guys on your list.  Whether you are searching for your own child or someone else’s, these gifts will ensure a big smile.

We both had our sons in summer 2017, and we have to admit, boy gifts get more and more fun.  As our boys are now 2, we have been researching hard to find the best gifts for these kids this Christmas.  We are sharing our list of some top picks across age groups to help inspire you to find top holiday gifts for boys in 2019.  Also, we are very aware that gifts are really not dependent on gender.  We made these lists this way as we know people are searching for “holiday gifts for girls” and “holiday gifts for boys.”  With that being said, use this list as inspiration and also check out our Top Holiday Gifts for Girls in 2019 list to get additional inspiration.

1. Mini Soccer Net & Ball

soccer goal, soccer ball, soccer for kids

We don’t know about you, but our boys are super active, and we love any opportunity to get them outside with a sport.  This mini soccer goal and ball has kept both our kids entertained for hours on end.  We also love the Little Tikes basketball set for younger kids.  There are a myriad of ideas when it comes to sports gifts as holiday gifts for boys dependent on their age and interests.

2. Klutz Jr. My Paw Patrol Pom-Pom Pups Craft Kit

paw patrol, paw patrol gift, klutz crafts

Klutz has some great craft kits for boys and girls of all ages.  For the older kids, definitely check out the Klutz STEM kits.  We love this Paw Patrol craft set because it combines a favorite show and a fun craft (that we know our boys would love).  This makes it on our list of top holiday gifts for boys in 2019 and it will certainly be under our tree this year!

3. Walkie Talkies

walkie talkies, walkie talkie gift, best walkie talkies

It’s going to be a long time before our kids get phones of their own, so we know they would be super excited to get these walkie talkies for some good old fashioned fun.  This is a great gift for boys or girls at a very reasonable price point.  On this note, our kids have also been loving binoculars, magnifying glasses, and any “spy” type toys.  You could put a really fun themed gift together for a special kid!

4. Magnatiles

magnatiles, magnatiles gift

This is a great gift for any age – we love Magnatiles ourselves.  This is an excellent gift, because you can never have too many Magnatiles.  Our kids have played with these for years and years and they never get tired of them.  We are also a big fan of Tegu blocks and love having the travel set in our purses for a good restaurant toy.

5. SkipHop 3-in-1 Ride-on

skip hop gift, skip hop ride on

A scooter is a great bigger ticket present for boys and girls of all ages.  When they turn 3, we recommend Micro Kickboard scooters.  For the younger ones, we love this new 3-in-1 ride-on toy by SkipHop.  There are two adorable versions (dog and unicorn) and we love the versatility and quality of their toys.  This is a top pick for the little ones on your list and a great price point ($60).

6. Magic Tracks

magic tracks gifts, magic tracks

We just discovered Magic Tracks this year, and our kids play with them for hours.  This is such a fun toy that is enjoyed by all ages.  Just like Magnatiles, sets work together, so it’s great to get multiple sets.  We think Magic Tracks is one of the best holiday gifts for boys, and also our go-to for 2-3 year old boy birthday parties.

7. Joovy Tricycoo

joovy tricycoo, tricycle gift

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we love the Joovy Tricycoo.  It’s a great and quality tricycle that adjusts with your child from ages 10 months – 4 years old.  It’s definitely a gift that will light up your kids’ faces.  If they are past the tricycle phase, we love First Bike balance bikes as a gift.  And can you beat a bike under the tree on Christmas morning?

8. Baby Shark Fingerlings

baby shark, baby shark gift, baby shark fingerling

I swore I would never buy a Fingerling again.  I don’t know about you, but they drive me bonkers.  But then I came across the Baby Shark fingerling and I had a change of heart.  I don’t know about you, but my son especially loves all things Baby Shark (and sharks in general).  I’m certainly going to use this one as a stocking stuffer for my little guy this year.

9. Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

fireman costume, fireman gift, fireman boy

We both had daughters first, and dress up was part of the territory from a young age.  Little did we know that their little brothers would love dressing up even more than they did.  As one of our top holiday gifts for boys, we think a dress up costume, such as this Melissa & Doug fireman costume, or superhero accessories would make a perfect gift.

10. Hot Wheels

hot wheels gift, hot wheels set

Our boys have been started on Hot Wheels since what like seems like they were babies.  We already have too many cars, but they do keep them entertained for hours.  There are so many cool toys that are Hot Wheels related, like this Hot Wheels Stunt n’ Go Track Set.  Hot Wheels are on our top holiday gifts for boys in 2019 as they are a staple, with lots of fun playsets to add as they get older.  We love the Hotwheels store on Amazon, as you can shop by age and type of set.  For the boys who like cars and like to build, we think the Modarri Monster build set is an awesome gift.


legos for boys gift, lego sets, lego superhero

Is it even a holiday gift list for boys without LEGOs added to the mix?  LEGOs make a great gift, and there are SO many to choose from.  Our favorite place to find LEGOs (other than our local Learning Express) is Amazon.  We are seeing more and more discounts (not that common on LEGOs) as we get towards the holidays.  There are sets for all ages and interests.  Too young for LEGO Duplo?  Check out Mega Blox.  Need to purge LEGOs before the holidays?  Check out this great campaign called LEGO Replay, where you can send in (on them!) pieces that will be donated to children in need.

12. Kinetic Sand

kinetic sand, kinetic sand gift

If you’ve never tried Kinetic Sand, you need to get some pronto.  It’s a great holiday gift for boys or girls and we love playing with it too.  There are so many great sets at good prices, and it’s a fun gift for all ages.  It’s perfect for your sandbox loving kids in colder temps and doesn’t get them dirty either!

13. Prextex Remote Control Cars

remote control cars, cars gift

Remote control cars are a great option for all ages.  We don’t know if boys ever outgrow their love of them.  And when they do, it might be time for a drone.  The Prextex version is a great start (for ages 3+) and highly rated.  We especially love this set as it comes with two cars and two remotes.

14. Grow N Glow Dinosaur Habitat

dinosaur gift, dinosaur craft

We don’t know what it is about creating habitats for creatures (whether they be a worm or imaginary), but it never gets old for our kids.  Our kids would go crazy for this Dinosaur Habitat set.  We love the quality, value, and fun factor of these craft sets.  Creativity for Kids has a lot of our top holiday gifts for boys, as we love the many unique craft sets.  There’s everything from a Monster Truck shop to a Shadow Puppet Theatre, and all under $40!

15. Jenga

Just like in our holiday gifts for girls list, we want to remind you that classic games make awesome gifts.  Board games can often be forgotten as a gift, but they pretty much guarantee fun for a reasonable price.  The games at our house have made so many great memories.  Jenga is one of our favorites!  It’s always worth a trip to a local toy store or an Amazon search for “games for (insert age range here)” for some gift ideas.

jenga gift, gifts for kids

That ends our little list of the top holiday gifts for boys in 2019!  What will you be buying?  What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments below!




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