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5 Ways to Get The Best Deal on Diapers

Before you learn how to get the best deal on diapers, its important to understand what a good price is for diapers.

Of course there are a variety of brands and sub-brands (ie. Pampers Cruisers vs Pampers Swaddlers) as well as a price difference in diaper sizes all which cause variation in price and once you learn to calculate price on a PER DIAPER basis, you will be able to tell what a good deal is.  I also want to note that I was a total diaper snob only buying Pampers with first.  There’s a whole world of diapering out there with some really great more economic options.  For instance…Target’s overnight diapers changed my life.  I learned Luvs were completely fine for the daytime too.  So know your prices and make sure you do some R&D to find some different brands that could work for you.

Here is a Little List of rules to follow when diaper deal hunting:

  • Rule #1:
    Generally the drug stores have the best prices on diapers – So start getting in the habit of picking up the weekly flyer for all the drugstores in your area and start monitoring the diaper prices. Also, make sure you have a loyalty card for each store so you can time your diaper purchases with their cash back/coupon offers.
  • Rule #2:
    Pick your priority – Is saving your priority? Then throw your brand loyalty out the window. Because you can get a great deal on drug store brand diapers, or have a much easier time just picking up whatever diaper is on sale. I have actually found that Costco’s Kirkland brand diapers are fine for my daughter to wear during the day. And at a price of around $.18 per diaper, it’s a good buy (I’m also a Kirkland wipe fanatic!) If saving isn’t your priority and you are a brand loyalist, then you have to pay close attention to the other rules to ensure you get a great deal!
  • Rule #3:
    Be on the coupon hunt for your favorite brand of diapers.  Check your Sunday paper or find clip-able coupons online.  We like the site or for up to date coupons. Once you get your coupons, then its time to stalk your drug store circulars.  Match the coupon to the best deal you can find..and wait for the perfect time to strike!
  • Rule #4:
    Resist the jumbo boxes of diapers at Amazon mom and temptation for 2 reasons:
    1) While it is convenient and their flashy sales of 20% off + e-coupons etc are enticing, for long term purchasing relationships, the cost per diaper when the drug stores have their sale is almost always better.  But as you start practicing and learning what a good price per diaper is, you will be able to tell immediately whether or not the price is right.
    2) If you’re looking for a deal, the deal is usually on the smaller packs of diapers. It doesn’t really make sense to buy a small pack from amazon/ In order to get the best deal it can very well mean that buying 3 packs of 32 diapers with 3 coupons might be the way to go.
  • Rule #5:
    It might take a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with your favorite brands best per diaper price, so don’t get discouraged!  Just practice, practice, practice.

Contact us if you have any other great tips you use to get the best deal on diapers, we would LOVE to know!


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