We admit, Ikea isn’t the highest of high quality, however, their products are super stylish and do get played with!  So if you’re looking for a cool gift and don’t want to spend a fortune, we sifted through and picked out some of our favorite items. 




  1. Children’s Table and Chairs – $34.00 (table), $15/chair
  2. Play Tunnel – $15 (we also love this cube that you can add on or use as a stand alone for just $8!)
  3. Circus Tent – $15
  4. Easel – $10
  5. Play cup set – $10
  6. Apron – $4
  7. 11-pc Shopping set – $10
  8. Wooden Toy Series – Starting at $7 (you can’t beat these prices)
  9. Frog Price Book and matching toy – $4 Book $10 Soft frog toy that turns into a prince! (we have this and my daughter LOVES it)
  10. Puzzle – $8 We love this for the older kids
  11. Carryon Luggage – $29
  12. Wall night light – $10
  13. Step Stool – $15 (Call me weird, but I actually got this for my daughter for Christmas as a step stool into her new bed…however, I really went out all decorating it with her favorite things using these techniques)

Would love to hear if you have any additional ideas in the comments below 🙂 We especially love to know about hacks!!!!

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