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Storage Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes – A Process Uncovered

Nothing gets me more excited than a good deal, but what comes in a close second would have to be organization! As my little daughter gets bigger and bigger by the day and I start to put away all those newborn clothing essentials I JUST bought, I try to hold back tears as every 2 months I have to put a size of clothes away. But what really keeps my tears at bay is a nice organization system for storing them!  Here are my storage ideas for outgrown baby clothes.   It’s difficult to keep having to do this especially when they’re little and growing every three minutes.  But if you stay on top of it, you will be so happy!

Here is my system:

  • As soon as an item is outgrown, you want to think of Marie Kondo (if you’re living under a rock and haven’t read her book, pick it up here).  Ask yourself if it sparks joy!  And more importantly, is there a purpose for keeping it?  Are you having more kids?  Are you planning to give it to siblings.  If not, GET RID OF IT. Donate it or recycle used stained clothes at your local H&M.
  • I keep 2 baskets in the bottom of her closet. One basket for “Growing INTO Clothes” and one for “Clean Outgrown Clothes”. The “Growing Into” basket is where you store anything that is still a size or more too big. As you know by now, we at Little List love a good deal so when we buy things on sale for the next year during end of season sales, we have a place to store them until the baby is ready to wear them.
  • Once your “Outgrown” clothes basket gets full, its time to put in your earphones, crank up Beyonce and get sorting! For my method, I recommend buying a few 20 Qt. plastic storage bins and also Giant Ziploc bags.
  • Take a giant Ziploc and place all the 0-3 months sized clothes in the bag.  Label it with the size, gender and the season and place it in your storage bin!
  • If you want to get fancy and have multiple kids you can get Pink storage bins for girls clothes, blue for boys and green for maternity and ‘baby gear’.
  • Last but not least, you’re going to want to label each bin 0-12 months, 6-12 etc.

You (or your family members you’re passing the clothes on to) will be thankful in a couple years time! Obsessed with organizing?  See how we organized our cars here.

With Love,


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