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We’re very excited to share with you a product new to Little List.
(Plus – we have a special promo just for Little List readers! Check out the $20 off special at the bottom of the post.)

We’d like to introduce: the Owlet Smart Sock. This powerful little tool is a game changing way to monitor your infant while they sleep. It uses pulse oximetry (the same technology used in hospitals… more on this later) to keep an extra set of eyes on your baby’s breathing and heart rate during the night.

We’ve had our eye on this product for a while – it’s sleek and innovative design makes it a seamless addition to our nursery, not to mention our nightly routine. The base station is small and unassuming but provides visual and audible updates about your baby’s status while she or he sleeps. A soft, pulsating light emanates from the sides of the station indicating that the monitor is reading and the smart phone app provides more information about your baby’s pulse and oxygen levels.

I received the Owlet in the mail at the end of the month, right before my baby turned 11 months. This is a little late in the game for the Owlet, it is designed to be used within your baby’s first year, but mine arrived just in time. The very next week we found ourselves at the children’s hospital, where my son was treated for severe-track bronchiolitis. For those that don’t know, bronchiolitis is when the tubes of young lungs become inflamed and it makes it difficult to maintain normal oxygen levels.

While we were in the hospital my son had a pulse oximeter wrapped around his little toe, so the nurses and doctors could monitor his blood oxygen levels. As he got better, the levels rose and returned to normal. The Owlet Smart Sock works in very much the same way, it wraps around your baby’s foot and transmits information to a base station and a smart phone app.

I always wanted a monitor like this (I didn’t sleep much during the first few months of my son’s life – not only because he wasn’t sleeping, but when he did I was anxious about how he was doing). When we returned from the hospital, I was weary that my anxiety of the first few months would return. Luckily, this time I had the Owlet. I put the sock on his foot after his bath and before getting him into his monster footy pajamas. After a bottle, some quality snuggle time, and placing him in his crib for the evening, I tapped the base station to turn it on and was able to actually relax, knowing that Owlet would alert me if something was amiss.

The thing I really like about the monitor is that it provides you with information about your baby’s wellbeing while she or he sleeps. Information that they aren’t able to tell you themselves. Before I got the Owlet, I was worried that a monitor like this would cause me more stress than not having one – that I would just sit in fear of the alert sounding. What’s nice about the Owlet Smart Sock is that it IS smart – it has different tones that convey different messages, so that you’re not “alarmed” unnecessarily in the unlikely event that the sock falls off (this never happened to me), or the battery dies, or the sock is out of range of the base station (if you take baby out of the crib and walk to another part of the house).

With the Owlet, I can sleep just as peacefully as my son, knowing that he is resting as easy as he appears on the video monitor. I’m so thrilled to be able to share this peace of mind with you – enter below for a chance to win your own Owlet Smart Sock!

Enter Little List’s Owlet Giveaway!

Owlet in Action

We have a special offer just for Little List readers: click here to purchase an Owlet Monitor, and you’ll get $20 off! No need to enter a code, just click the link and it’s automatically applied. This special offer expires June 30, 2016.

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