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Gifts for Expecting Mothers

We’re sure most mothers will agree that no matter how much they love or hate being pregnant: 9 months can seem like an eternity.  A gift for a pregnant woman can enhance the excitement and let them know their friends and loved ones are excited for them too.  Between the excitement of wanting to meet your little one, experiencing the foreign experience of growing another human and all of the uncertainties, time seems to be moving in slow motion. Then once the baby arrives, time seems to speed up triple. Luckily, we had some great friends that spoiled us as preggos so we have some great gifts for expecting mothers to share. Outside of shower gifts, here are our top gift picks for anybody looking to get a gift for an expecting mother.

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Some of our favorite gifts for expecting mothers

  1. Pre-natal massage, manicure/pedicure, or hair salon gift certificate:
    With all of pregnancy’s aches and pains, there is nothing much better than a nice massage, mani/pedi, or some pampering at the salon as a gift for a pregnant woman. These tend to be fair and far between after baby’s arrival. Check out Groupon for some local deals for pampering places.
  2. Fun necklace or jewelry:
    Maternity wardrobes can get stagnant pretty quickly, and who wants to spend a ton of money on clothes they will wear for such a short time? A nice piece of jewelry is a thoughtful gift that helps switch things up.
  3. Pregnancy oils/creams/scrubs:
    I fell in love with some of Motherlove’s products, especially the Pregnant Belly Oil.  We somehow survived the pregnancy with zero stretch marks, and we owe it to that. I also felt pampered using Lavender Coconut oil scrub during every shower. These are inexpensive and thoughtful gifts for expecting mothers.
  4. Something to remind her baby is coming soon:
    Every time I got tired of being pregnant, I loved walking into the baby’s nursery or looking at some of the thoughtful gifts people already bought her. Giving a friend a little something to remind her of the end goal (baby!) encourages even the most miserable of preggos.
  5. Take her out to lunch:
    This one is really dependent up her level of morning/all day sickness.  But if she’s anything like us, she could be starving all day.  Going to dinner is tough because tiredness sets in early, so lunch is perfect.  If she’s not feeling well, ask her what she WILL eat (Eggo waffle ice cream sandwich?) and pick it up for her and eat it together.

Make sure to check out our post on Gifts for Pregnant Women for some of our favorite products that would also make a great gift.

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