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If you’re like me, and saw this amazing pom pom tutu image floating around Pinterest and clicked on it only to find it took you to a page with instructions in Dutch (or whatever), you and I were both SUPER disappointed!!!


Of course, I had to figure out how to do it, so I combined several different tutorials to come up with my own below.  The final cost…$6, after I used all my Joann’s coupons. Just FYI – My inspiration to get this done was that I saw a tutu very similar in a boutique this weekend and it was almost $100!!  The one I saw was pink and had rose petals.  You can totally do this exact same tutorial and just buy pink tulle and fake flower petals, or fill with whatever your heart desires.  The world is your oyster!

Disclaimer:  I stink at sewing.  Like really stink and can barely sew a straight line with the most basic sewing machine possible.  So I only recommend tutorials that are really easy.  The great thing about this finished product is that if things aren’t perfect, you can’t tell!!

You will need:

  • 1.5-3 yards of tulle (depending on how many layers you want.  I made 3 layers and needed 3 yards.  1.5 will get you 2 layers which is fine especially if you want to make a liner.)
  • Scissors
  • Pom Poms (or whatever filling you want)
  • 1 yard of elastic

Tulle is kind of hard to work with…and kind of invisible, so there really isn’t a point to me taking pictures of how I cut each piece because you can’t see it!  I will explain..

Take your 1.5 yards of tulle (which is 1.5 yards x approx 54″) and cut it in half, so you have 2 pieces of 1.5 yards by 22″ high.

Fold the short ends together (so both 22″ sides) and sew up them together.

Now the part that’s hard to explain, but Ill do my best, take the top part and fold it over like a sock, until the top edge meets the bottom edge…so it’s folded half way.  This girl does a good job of explaining it.  It will look like this, and essentially be a tube:


Now fill that bottom fold with your poms.

Do the same thing with the other piece you have (I did 3 pieces.)

You want to now stick the tubes within the tubes (pictured below).  Make sure you have 2 separate ‘tubes’ not one double layer. I also alternated so all three seams weren’t on the same side.


You don’t have to do this, but I tiered the layers, I’m not sure if it really makes a difference.


Next, line up the edges of the top and pin around in a circle.  Since I tiered mine, they weren’t lined up evenly, but when I had all my layers in the place I wanted to and they were pinned, I cut the top to make it even:


Here’s where you have two options for a top:

1- Here (which is what I did below)

2 – And here, which is what I might do next time for no other reason than I think the ribbon looks cute.

Let’s continue with option 1 – You want the top to be even because now you are going to fold that top over about 1/4″ bigger than your elastic and sew it straight across like you’re making a big hem.

Measure your elastic exactly around the princess’s waist and cut to size.

Take your elastic and tie a safety pin to it and start pulling it through the hem!  Since it’s a circle make sure to leave a 2″ stop gap, so you can adjoin your elastic.


Now that it’s through (wasn’t that annoying???  It took me FOREVER! Good thing The Bachelor was on) sew your elastic together with a seam.  I back-stitched a few times for good measure.


Push your elastic back in, and finish up the opening, evenly scrunch out the tulle around the elastic and…VIOLA!!!


Now my favorite part….Kiss the face because they look so cute in it!


Note, I said you can sew a liner which wouldn’t be a big deal. but I found that a cute pair of leggings or bloomers with tights is cute too!

With Love,




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