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Product Review: Bugaboo Bee3312827_13821_l

We were so excited to try out the Bugaboo Bee3 and have been using for months prior to writing this review.  I should preface this review with sharing that prior to trying out a Bugaboo, I didn’t really understand why someone would purchase a ‘luxury’ stroller, thinking that there are some great ones for about half the price.  Well, after using this stroller for months, I can understand why.  This stroller, which was super easy to assemble by the way, is the real deal and has made travel so much easier for us.  I’ve been keeping this stroller in my car, as it’s very compact and doesn’t take a whole lot of room.  It’s also SUPER light and easy to get in and out of the car.  I was thrilled to realize that I had it in my car for my 10 year college reunion.  It was easy to get Alexa into and easy to navigate through the food tents and around all the festivities.

bugaboo, bugaboo bee 3, stroller, kids gear, kids stuff

I love that this stroller is super comfortable for your child, but also has the maneuverability and weight of something similar to an umbrella stroller.  For my toddler, it has a nice and easy reclining seat (which can lay flat) and a variety of seating options… and has a bassinet option and can be used with an infant car seat.  I almost couldn’t believe it!  The seat that it comes with can also face out to the world or back towards you.  So versatile.

bugaboo, bugaboo bee 3, stroller, kids gear, kids stuff

The stroller is fully customizable by you (with colors, fabrics, and different options – how cool is this black chevron?!) and the canopy is 50 SPF.  It was the perfect stroller to walk around the zoo, as it was easy-in and easy-out and A also had the ability to easily sit up and see the sights (I switched using the 5 point harness to 3 point so A could really sit up).

bugaboo, bugaboo bee 3, stroller, kids gear, kids stuff

I love how my diaper bag hooks easily to the handlebar and doesn’t get in the way (like it does for many of the strollers I’ve tested). **Please note** Bugaboo does not recommend attaching bags, etc. to the handlebar of the Bee3 stroller, as it could potentially create instability. The only stroller that they have designed/tested to hold additional weight on the handlebar is the Bugaboo Buffalo.  The storage underneath is also surprisingly generous for a compact stroller like the Bee3.  You can see the brake is on, which is very easy to use.  The Bee3 takes turns sharply and bumps relatively easily.

bugaboo, bugaboo bee 3, stroller, kids gear, kids stuff

This stroller has quickly risen to our #1 pick in the luxury stroller category and we love its quality, ease of use, and durability.  We love how it grows with your child and can provide several years of easy travel.  Check out the video below for a demo.  I will admit, the first time, I had no idea how to close it, but now opening and closing it is super easy.  Score a Bugaboo Bee3 on Amazon, which has a variety of options, or get your fully customized version here! We love it so much we added it to our ultimate baby registry guide.


With love,

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