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Bridal Shower Theme


My sister is getting married in Amalfi.  I wanted to throw her an Italian themed bridal shower, but didn’t want to do the typical breadsticks in a jar with red and white checkered table cloths.  This had to be something fancy, and spectacular.  The Amalfi coast is known for their citrus fruits and therefore, Limoncello…There could be no more perfect theme.  As you can imagine, the wedding isn’t cheap (no wedding is cheap my gosh!!), so my mom and I were on a budget.  Here is how we made the magic happen:

Lemon Vines:


We ordered lemon leaves from a floral distributor and started assembling 3 nights before the shower.  We would take a bunch of 3 branches, tie them with twine, take three more, tie them to the first bunch with twine until we had 16′ of a garland.  The key was that we kept some branches out and filled the garlands in once they were on the tables.

Once that painstaking process was over, we tied lemons into the garland using florist wire leaving about 3/4 of the lemons to be simply placed on the garland once it was on the table.  We got a box of 200 lemons for $25 from Restaurant Depot.

Place Settings:


A friend of mine runs an awesome Etsy shop called Minted Feather.  She made the lemon name cards.  She used water color paper, water colored the yellow and then used her calligraphy talents to write the names.  I then used the leftover twine from the centerpieces to tie it onto a rolled napkin.  As the kicker I was out at 9am the morning of the shower clipping my moms rhododendron bushes to get the lovely little sprig of green.

Homemade Limoncello:


Making Limoncello is very easy to make. Check out this recipe  I ordered the labels from It was a relatively inexpensive and impressive gift!



Another great item from Minted Feather.  My sister was able to sit under this banner and open her presents.  I got the topiaries from Pier 1 – they are regular decor in my house and I brought them over to the restaurant. lol These are just $5!!


Since Amalfi is known for their seafood, we had a nice selection as an appetizer.  However, while guests were arriving and having cocktails we set up a bruschetta bar!  I made this chalkboard from an old painting in my house and used chalk paint over the cardboard backing. We got a couple herbs from shop rite for $1.50 and put them in clay dollar store pots.  Then we accented with more lemons.


Of course the queen made an appearance to help the bride with the gifts wearing this dress from Feltman Brothers


So happy to answer any questions you might have about the event!


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